Aero Club has successful breakfast fly-in to Payson


The Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) concluded their spring activities April 16 when 11 members showed up for a successful fly-in breakfast at Payson.  Pilots, their planes and passengers:  Steve Perkins, Piper Lance, Hank Bielema and Gene Evans; Dick Simmons, Cessna 182, Gary West; Cannon Hill, Cessna 182, Gary Vacin, Wally  Amundson,  and J.R. Scheidereiter; Paul Beek,  Bellanca Cruisemaster, Bob DeLong.  SLAC is planning several fly-ins, field trips and interesting speakers for 2015-16 beginning in November.  More information is available from Bob Walch at 895-8869 or Gary Vacin at 298-7017 or at the groupís website,