22a686813bd6a56608c33f7647296504    Sun Lakes resident served as a top turret gunner on  B-24


bomber during World War II will be featured speaker at the Sun Lakes Aero Club

gathering Monday, Nov. 21 at the Sun Lakes Country Club Mirror Room.  The

session begins at 6:30 p.m. with coffee and camaraderie, followed by the

presentation at 7 p.m.  The public is invited to attend.

          Sid Singer survived 17 missions over Nazi Germany during 1944, but said his first mission was his worst.  Flying out of a base at Foggia, Italy, the target was

a key target at BlackHammer, Germany.  “This target was protected by the highest

concentration of anti-aircraft fire of any target in Germany, Singer said.

          “This was an eight-hour mission.  I wasn’t nervous until we got close to the

target, and the sky was full of flak.  I could hear it banging against the aircraft, but

fortunately we delivered our bomb load and our aircraft returned safely to our base.”

          Singer said his planes were never shot down, and he never had to bail out.

          During his time in Italy, Singer was allowed to paint “nose art,” on

several bombers.  In 1997, he received a letter from a collector of aircraft

pictures which richly complimented his work.

          Today, Singer does beautiful portraits in charcoal and pastels, many of which

adorn the walls of his home.


          SLAC is an official organization in the Sun Lakes community. The group meets

the third Monday of each month from November through April.  For additional

information, contact Cannon Hill at  509-530-785; Gary Vacin at 298-7017; or visit

 the SLAC website, www.sunlakesaeroclub.org.