August 6, 2005



To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager



New Postings to the Website:

  1. New categories in the Index



Other Interesting Information:


  1. TFR’s Temporary Flight Restrictions – Sports Stadiums including coordinates

  2. Colonel Bruce Carr is in the record books, as the only pilot
    known to leave on a mission flying a Mustang and return flying a
    Focke-Wulf!!  Courtesy of member
    Bob Earl

  3. Photos from Oshkosh  Interesting photos.  Click on the square with the four arrows at the bottom of the photos to enlarge them.

  4. Beautiful Movies of Flight  You will enjoy these movies courtesy of member Eugene Evans

  5. Experimental Honda Jet  Photos and movies.

  6. Air Traffic Controllers Salary Negotiations.  The average Controller’s salary will exceed $200,000 in four years if the Controller’s Union have their way.  The workday will also be reduced to seven hours minus one hour off for lunch and time for other breaks.  Productivity would decline by 12%.
    It is important for pilots to be aware of these negotiations.

  7. CEO of the Cockpit  $47 – The reminiscing of an Airline Pilot.  Good story!