September 11, 2005


To: All Sun Lakes Aero Club Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager


New Postings to the Website

  1. Sedona, Arizona. The 2005 Airport Day and Car Show takes place September 17 at Sedona (SEZ). Celebrating 50 years of the airport, fly-in and aircraft on display, food, entertainment, and other pilots from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Contact Al Comello, 928/862-0210, or visit the Web site

  2. Speakers scheduled for October, 2005 through January, 2006

    Other Interesting Information††

  3. Scott Morrison Update on what Scott is up to.Scott flew his Beech Twin on may of the SLAC Fly-Ins.

  4. GA Pilots and KatrinaImportant Website Links

  5. Unscramble Your Head When your brain is unfairly teased in flight, how well you score on this quiz may determine your ability to handle unusual aeromedical factors, attitudes, and illusions.†††

  6. You Donít See This Every Day 2.3mb Ė Movie of Harrier Crash off a beach loaded with swimmers.The pilot ejected safely.Courtesy of member Bob Earl

  7. Selected Articles From Recent ePilot, eHotline and AVWeb.

  8. Aviation Gas Supply Steady as she goes.

  9. AOPA Wants Field Approval Streamlined There are months long delays for installing gear on airplanes.

  10. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) The Biannual Flight Review (BFR) should check that pilots can recognize critical weather situations.

  11. Even test pilots are not immune to gear up landings.The fourth light jet text plane of Eclipse aviation suffered a gear up landing.