September 18, 2005


To: All Sun Lakes Aero Club Members

From; Vern Nelson, Web Manager


New postings to the Website

1.       Meeting Notice  Letter from Secretary Bob Earl announcing the October 19th meeting change of venue.

2.       Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Chandler Airport Commission on Wednesday, August 3, 2005.  (Note)  Chandler Air Service is planning to install Self-Service Fuel Pumps.  Also, an Airspace Conflicts Evaluation study will be made concerning possible conflict with Memorial Airport


Other Interesting Information

  1. Spectacular Clouds and Photos   You may have seen a few of these photos, however there are hundreds of beautiful photos that you probably have not seen.  (Note) Click on “Lincoln Photo of the Month” at the bottom of the page for monthly photos from October, 1999 to the present time.   Most of these photos were taken in Nebraska.

  2. Paragliding  Courtesy of Marc and Lan Chirico – . 
    The Seattle AeroBattle features top aerobatic paragliders.  If you are interested in Paragliding this is a must read.  I flew with Marc three times in 1996.

  3. Wheels Down?  Famous last words.  A Seaplane pilot’s worst nightmare.  This is a large file 2.1mb.  Courtesy of member Don Imler.

  4. Museum of Flight  Seattle, Washington.  There are 122 photos of planes with basis specs and their history.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

  5. Green’s Travel Tips  September Tips by member Bob Green and China Photos of his recent trip.  (Note) To play Slideshow, click on any picture and then on “Play Slideshow”

  6. Selected articles from the weekly ePilot, eHotline and AV Flash


  1. Honda Commercial   Over 600 takes to make