October 23, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager


New postings to the website:


1. November Newsletter – By Bob Earl

2. The Following have been posted to your website under “Associated Links

·         Urban Legends Rumors and hoaxes still wandering into everyone’s inboxes.
We receive periodic updates which will be passed on to you to verify the authenticity of questionable email before you forward them to your friends.

·         National Experimental Radar Current Radar Images by State, City or Zip

3.  Minutes of the Board Meeting – October 18, 2005

Put your cell phone number on the SLAC Roster:
We have found many members are using their cell phones in lieu of their home phone
numbers.  If you are following that practice, please will you kindly click on Tel Numbers SLAC .  If your cell phone(s) is listed correctly please do not reply to this email.   However if you have a cell phone which you would like listed or correct a current listing on our website roster, please click on schreckray@wbhsi.com to send your response to Ray Schrecengost and Indicate the number(s) you would like listed or corrected. Ray is maintaining the SLAC Roster. 

Other interesting information:


1.     The following animations are from of member Bob Earl
  Interview with an honest boss
Greetings from a reluctant “Tom” (A turkey, that is)


2.     The attached file is the October issue of the Chandler Flyer.  Please note that Steve Hover has left as of October 14th.  His replacement is Stacey Nichols as the Air Traffic Manager.  Stacey is the only lady in the Tower.  The next time you communicate with the tower and hear her voice, congratulate her on her promotion.

3.     Photos of the Predator Courtesy of member Ray Schrecengost

4.     FAA & ATC negotiating safety

5.     AOPA is still seeking help in opposing the expansion of the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in Washington, DC.  They are concerned about it’s expansion into other parts of the United States.  Over 11,000 objections have been sent to Washington to date.

6.     On The Fly – Other Interesting Articles
SW Air and Alaska Air turned down on bid to move to Boeing Field in Seattle
First deployment of F-22 Raptor settling in
Flock of 20 Whooping Cranes on way to Florida
Chambliss in grove to become World Aerobatic Champion
Pilot flies across Continental U.S. in Gyroplane (view his daily log)
Air Safety Foundation reports reveal icing dangers
Flying to the Caribbean or Mexico?  AOPA has updated its online travel information