November 6, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager



New postings to the Website

  1. Instructions for printing the Roster from the Website.



Other interesting information

(Caution) Open only if you have a high speed internet connection

  1. SU-35   Russian Jet Fighter – Video (Caution 11.8mb)
    Eileen M. Collins – First female Shuttle Commander.
        Above courtesy of member Ray Schrecengost.

  2. Hundreds of photos from 29 airshows from 2002 to 2005 including the Shuttle.
    Cannibis (1.6mb) Burning Cannibis.
    Beautiful Aerobatic Video  (Caution 19.3mb)
    Find live person to talk to on telephone (Cheat Sheet) Take a look at this, it can
    save you a lot of time when calling by by-passing the long menus.
        Above courtesy of member
    Bob Earl.

  3. Cessna 210 attempts a take off from a road with disastrous results.

  4. Fireball Sightings  November 3, 2005: "I thought some wise guy was shining a spotlight at me," says Josh Bowers of New Germany, Pennsylvania.

  5. There were 4 plane Accidents in Arizona during the month of October. Two of them were fatal.  Details of NTSB investigations.

  6. NTSB Absolves Pilot of Blame.  Unusual.

  7. Bob’s Travel Tips Member Bob Green’s November Tips.  Bob will be showing a VCR of his recent trip to China with his wife, Barbara, at our January 18, 2006 meeting

  8. On the Fly
    AOPA Warns User Fees Could Reduce Oversight of FAA.
    Eclipse 500 achieves high speed milestone.
    Question: I have recently moved.  How do I notify the FAA of my new address.