November 20, 2005


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New postings to the website:

1.   Board Minutes (1.0kb) November 15, 2005 meeting (Click on Minutes & click on Nov 15th) By; Secretary Bob Earl

2.   If you wish to send a message to all of the SLAC Board Members, open the website (1.0kb). Click on “Officers & Board” and click on “Board

3.   December Newsletter (42.8kb) Speaker: Colonel Merle Fister, USAF (Retired)
Bob Earl, Secretary

Aviation Stuff:


4.     F-22 Raptor (1,765kb) Stealth Fighter arriving at Langley Air Force Base
Press “Page Down” to advance the slide show.
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

5.     Autobus A-380 (3,969kb) Magnificent photos well worth a wait to open.
Looks like there are 22 wheels on the gear of this baby.
Courtesy of
Rollie Baumann

6.    Close Encounter (5,260kb)– FAA simulation of ops error at Logan on June 9, 2005
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

7.    On The Fly (21.0kb)
Quest Aircraft opens factory (Kodiak Plane)
Aircraft Spruce Adds Plane-Power Lightweight Alternators
FAA proposes AD action for certain McCaulley Props
List of 17 AOPA current links.



Other Stuff:

1.     Beware of ATM theft (9.3kb) of your Account and PIN number
Courtesy of
Eugene Evans

2.     You must look at this. (2.6kb) Amazing use of a computer.
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

3.     Exercise Extreme Caution  (6.0kb) Lucille is blind and has been hit by an automobile three times.  Please read.

4.     Watch the Change (2.6kb) View the gradual change in Seattle from 1907 to 2002.
Courtesy of
Bob Earl  

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