November 27, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager


New postings to the website:

1.    Runway Finder (5.0kb) Excellent source of Airport Information in the U.S.
 On our website under “Links” – “Airport Information”
 Courtesy of
Stewart Schulz

2.    Activities – (34.6kb) Current SLAC Activities Report – As on November 24, 2005

3.    Treasurer’s Report– (1.0kb) November 21, 2005 Click on “Treasurer’s Report”
Ray Schrecengost, Treasurer

4.    New member Raymond Bahret, wife June, 480-883-7943 Cell 602-525-7176


Updates on our Members:


  1. Ruth Pew   (18.3kb)
  2. Lynn Elsner  (4.0kb)


Aviation Stuff:


1.     Aviation Humor (18.3kb) – Smile for today

2.     Paragliding from Seattle Paragliding.  Lots of interesting information, photos and videos.

3.     Unusual Photo Remarkable photo of planes, clouds, and sun.

4.     On the Fly Latest Aviation News – Lots and Lots of interesting information


Other Stuff:


    1.  Urban Legends The latest from Snopes on urban legends, hoaxes and scams.


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