December 4, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager


New postings to the website:

1.     Chandler Airport Commission Minutes  (161kb) - October 12, 2005

2.     Chandler Flyer  (85kb) November, 2005


Aviation Stuff:

1.     WestJet  (16kb) Airline Attendants Announcements

2.     278 Photo OOPS (14.8kb) You may need to click twice.
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

3.     On The Fly (9.0kb)
FAA says ATC Union Contracts Stalled
Cockpit-mounted Synthetic Vision
Bankruptcy Plea Aims to Save Delta Airlines
Balloonist sets 70,000
foot altitude record
Weight and Balance Check Questions
Brainteasers – Risk Analysis

4.     Unknown Soldier (20.5kb) – Quiz on Military Guards.
Courtesy of
Ray Schrecengost


Other Stuff:

1.     Bandwidth Meter Speed Test  (link) Check the bandwidth of your Internet Connection.  Qwest is advertising 5,000kb/second.

2.     Update on our Members  (6.8kb) Updates on members Lynn Elsner and Ray Schrecengost

3.     Evolution of Math  (5kb) How Math has evolved in our classrooms.  1950 to 2005

4.     Green’s Travel Tips (13kb)– December, 2005.  Bob Green is a member of SLAC.

5.     Tiger Wood’s House?  (1,698kb)-  San Stifano.  Use “Page Down” key to scroll through the 23 slides. This is a beautiful house, however it is not Tiger Wood’s.  It is located in Maui and can be rented for approximately $4,000 per night. This is making the email rounds. 

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