December 11, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager



New postings to the website:

  1. Review Past Updates   This is a an archival site on your SLAC Website



Aviation Stuff

  1. Plastic Pilot Certificates  FAA plans to require security-enhanced plastic pilot certificates

  2.  Mountain Flying online course.  Are you taking a trip over mountainous terrain?
    Take the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's free course.



4.     On The Fly
NTSB – New Methodology Employs Statistics
Great Check-Ride Moments
Trust your Pilot – Strange landing strips
X-Wind Landings - Scary – Scary
Aircraft Photos – Thousands of them
Air Traffic Organization reorganizing
Gulfstream researching sonic boom suppression
The Eagle Eye UAV.  Intelligent, Watchful, No Runway Needed
10 Minute Flight Claims Record – Dick Rutan’s Rocket Powered Plane
Mid-air Collision over Uberlingen, Germany – A US Controllers analysis of what went wrong.


Other Stuff

5.     Senator Lieberman Report – November 29, 2005 after a recent trip to Iraq
Courtesy of
Ray Schrecengost

6.     History Lesson – A very unusual History Lesson.
Courtesy of Ray Schrecengost

7.     G BLOCK Have you wondered what Shepard Smith means when he says “The G BLOCK” on his nightly Fox News TV program?  Wonder no more.





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