January 1, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager


Happy New Year




1.   January Fly-In  Tuesday, January 17  - OR -  Saturday, January 21.

2.   Nov/Dec SLAC Correspondence  Thank you letters from the President to Speakers, Field Trips and Fly-ins. 



Aviation Stuff:


3.   Goose Amphibian (2,190kb) Gone wild!  The pilot forgot to throttle down.
Courtesy of member
Don Imler.

4.   SW Airline Accident at MidwayThree interesting aerial photos.  This was the first and only fatality SWA has had in its 35 year history, according to the photographer. Courtesy of member Paul Glaser.

5.     Extraordinary Aerobatics  (It took about 11 minutes to download this at 28.5kb/s)
Well worth the wait.  Courtesy of member Harold Thomas.

6.   On The Fly
Cirrus Brakes – Serious consequences if you ride them.
Plane Hits Truck, Truck's Insurance Pays. Strange decision!
GPS Approach Goes Live
Flight of Mistakes – Two pilots invade the Washington DC area.  Read the story of   
   their harrowing experience.



Other Stuff:

7.     Phishing scheme purports to provide taxpayers with an IRS web form to use to check on the status of their federal income tax returns and refunds.  Beware!

8.     Bob’s Travel Tips  Bob Green is a member of SLAC.  He will be our featured speaker at the January 18th meeting. He will show a VCR of his recent trip to China with appropriate commentary. 

9.     Magic – Through the Glass.  A very neat magic trick.

10. Funny Commercials (4,920kb) Videos.  Courtesy of daughter, Gale Nelson.

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