January 8, 2006 

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager






  1. Aviation Safety Program Mesa Monday, January 23rd  7:00-9:00 p.m.
    Under: “Other Events”

  2. Barrett Jackson Car Show – Scottsdale, AZ  Jan 14-22, 2006 featuring the
    all new Columbia 400, the world’s fastest single engine plane. “Other Events”.


Aviation Stuff:


3.     Blue Origin Quietly Moves Spaceward  Competition for Richard Branson


4.     TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions) at Nogales, AZ
Effective Sunday, January 8 to December 31, 2006.   

5.     Pilot's Guide to Taxes  Self explanatory

6.     Israeli Weapons– 1948-2006 Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

7.     Jumbo Jets Landing – Four photos of landings at St. Marteen Airport, French West Indies.  Courtesy of member Ray Schrecengost.

8.     Say Again  Want an easy and relatively safe way to get into an airport that's IMC? Let your friendly air traffic controller give you vectors to the localizer

9.     On The Fly 
Angels Flight’s Holiday Gifts of Flight.
Luke seeks Air-Traffic Control changes to avoid aerial collisions.
2005 Year in Review – Disaster, exultation, milestones, celebration, tragedy, and        
Inside the Chart Factory – History of the Jeppeson Charts.
The Right Chart Matters – Current charts are very important.
Cirrus in the Water
parachute landing after medical blackout.
Idaho taking action to protect backcountry airstrips.
Photos are of Allison Ranch.
There were 6 aircraft accidents in Arizona recently.

Other Stuff:

1.     Moon Shadows  They are much different on the Moon!


2.     Here's a Yule story that ought to be a movie


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