January 29, 2006 

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager






  1. Chandler Flyer – January issue.

  2. Minutes of Chandler Airport Commission – December 14, 2006 Lots of activity going on.

  3. SLAC Activities Bill Johnson has updated “Upcoming Activities” on our website.

  4. Ray Bahret  New Member; Wife June; 480/883/7943

Aviation Stuff:


5.     B-2 Spirit at the 2005 Edwards AFB Air-show Courtesy of Dick O’Brien

6.     User Fees on the Front Burner again.

7.     Round the World Saga of the Pacific Clipper – Very interesting story.
Courtesy of
Bob Earl.

8.     Warbirds in Retirement – Courtesy of Harold Thomas

9.     Here's Looking at You, Van Nuys Airport of Old – Courtesy of Rollie Baumann.

10.                                                        ON THE FLY
Trike Amphibious earns first SLA (Sports Light Aircraft) Certification
Global Flyer Status Red until February 1st.
Ceconite covering manual revised.
Breakup of an SR-71 Blackbird at 70,000+ Feet. Courtesy of
Harold Thomas.
Set your parking brakes while in the air and see the results. Courtesy
Bob Earl


11.                                           Registered Sex Offenders

This link will enable you to see all of the Sex Offenders within an area.  Put any postal address & zip code and check. Courtesy Bob Earl


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