February 12, 2006 

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager






1.   SLAC Fly-In Tuesday February 28th to Tucson International to visit the Titan Missile and Pima Air & Space Museums.

2.   Meeting Reminder – Wednesday February 15, 2006.  Wear your name tags!

3.   Future Activities – Call Bill Johnson 895-2171 if you have any questions.


Aviation Stuff:


4.   First Solo by Tom Sheeren – Paragliding at Tiger Mt. Issaquah, WA

5.   Parachuting (5,323 KB)– Video - Unbelievable formation & well worth the wait.

6.   Missile Mishap (2,480 KB) Video - Courtesy of Harold Thomas.

7.   Fighter Planes (2,170 KB) – Interesting slide-show in Power Point. Courtesy of
Paul Glaser

8.   Cactus State Fly-in  - March 3rd & 4th Casa Grande Airport.

Airbus A-380 First touchdown on North American Soil
Mission Accomplished – A couple of good Samaritans caught in maw between     

         heroism and recklessness.
Prisoner Takes Flight – While in jail.
Shoddy Engine Repair blamed for Crash Landing.
How do you define a technically advanced airplane? 


Other Stuff:

10.                       A Car For Her (510 KB)– Courtesy of Bob Earl.

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