March 5, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager






  1. Lauridsen Aviation Museum – Glendale, AZ – Opening in July, 2006

  2. Angel Flight West – Jim Theobald is a pilot for this fine charitable organization


Aviation Stuff:


3.   Picture Perfect All the air-to-air photos and beautifully detailed ground images used by AOPA Pilot magazine over the years

4.   Maricopa Live Steamers – Member Jim Theobald owns a Railroad Train at Maricopa Live Steamers Park in the Deer Valley Area.  A visit to this site with your children or grandchildren would be something they would remember and enjoy.

5.   A300-B4 Hit by Missile in Baghdad (1,490 KB)– Use the “Page Down” key
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

6.   Airplanes Waterskiing – Courtesy of Dick O’Brien, Bob Earl, Dan Bott
and Eugene Evans

7.   Report on Steve Fossett’s Flight – Around the world in his GlobalFlyer.
Courtesy of
Ray Schrecengost

8.     U-2ST – High altitude reconnaissance aircraft “Dragon Lady”
Courtesy of
Ray Schrecengost

9.     On The Fly
Protect yourself from avionics theft – Simple change in Allen head bolts
Ethanol in gasoline?
User Fees – Here we go again
On-Board Electronics – Dangerous according to study
New math for airflow – Attenuating speakers for airflow noise
Bedrock ATC – If you are into Math this is an interesting read


Other Stuff:

10.                       Graf Spee Eagle Rising – Salvage operations on the Graf Spee.
          Courtesy of
Bob Earl

11.                       Green’s Travel Tips – March, 2006 Courtesy of Bob Green

12.                       On the Lighter Side – Some interesting Celebrity Sayings.


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