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March 12, 2005


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager






  1. SLAC dues for 2006 are now due and payable.

  2. Program for SLAC meeting next Wednesday March 15thArthur Akers is the scheduled speaker. He is a resident of Sun Lakes, living in Cottonwood.


Aviation Stuff:


3.    Missing Man – Fly-over – Courtesy of Ray Schrecengost

4.    EAA’s B-17 (Aluminum Overcast) – Makes first flight test

5.    777 Engine Fire at Take Off – Courtesy of Bob Earl 

6.    Never Again – Wing flutter may be dangerous to your health

7.    On The Fly
First Customer Eclipse 500 On The Line
Runway Holds Banned? Your comments requested.
Pilot on Cellphone – That’s a No-No
Sunken B-29 Bomber may soon be open to the public at Lake Mead
Russian pilots battle Shoot-First law
Breakup in Flight – Probable Cause
Fuel for Thought – Compute your FAT (Fuel at Touchdown)
EAAER sets world records in Autogyro
Aircraft Airworthiness – All the information you need on this important subject.
Quiz yourself on maneuvering flight – Take a test



Other Stuff:

8.    Bridge/tunnel  Between Sweden and Denmark –
Courtesy of my niece,
Patty O’Neil.

9.    USS Oriskany – Scheduled to become a reef this summer
Courtesy of
Ray Bahret


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