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March 19, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager



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Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission - February 8, 2006



From the Tower – By: Stacey Nichols, Chandler Tower Manager

Will Fuel Type Determine Who Pays User Fees?

Digital Cockpits go a Step Further

FAA Adopts EAA’s Definition for Aerobatic Flight ‘Surface Areas’

From Kit to First Flight in Three Weeks

Buying and selling aircraft made a little easier

User Fees - Again

Fly-in Confusion – When it’s best to go around

Tiptoeing Into IFR – Personal Minimums Checklist

Allergy DrugsCheck your medication against a database

Other Aviation Stuff:


Russian Air Museum (A Little long loading) 17 photos and narrative. 
Courtesy of
Eugene Evans  

Western Washington Paragliding Record – Courtesy of Marc Chirico

NASA Photos Courtesy of Bob Earl

On The Fly
Floatplane take-off on a Dolly.
Airliner fire danger
China looks at ADS-B -
The Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast system
EAA welcome Blue Angels Pilot at Oshkosh in
July, 2006
Fossett seeks to break closed circuit distance record

Airport Supporter wins election in Mesa, AZ – Help still needed
Can weather be modified? – Scientists intend to find out
Fly-in to Buckeye –
April 1, 2006

Other Stuff:

A Fun Test For You 11 questions. Be sure to read each one very carefully.
Courtesy of Bob Earl.


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