March 26, 2006


To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager



   Website Updates:

1.   Preview of April 1, 2006 Splash Article –Fly-in to the Titan II Missile Museum

2.   SLAC Newsletter – April, 2006

3.   Copper State Fly-inScheduled to later in October to avoid Arizona Heat

4.   Selected interesting articles from past updates  If you find one that you think may be of interest to your friends, copy/paste the URL to your internet email program.

Of Interest to Pilots

5.   Pilot Groups Support FAA Changes To "Position And Hold"

6.   AOPA Works to Make Older Planes Safe and Affordable

7.   Vintage AircraftA new type certificate proposal

Aviation Stuff:

8.   Alaska Landings – Videos, Courtesy of Eugene Evans
Small Gravel Bar
(1,460 kb)
Water Assisted (532 kb)
Gravel Bar (1.450 kb)

9.   Apology for Publishing False Story  In the 3/12/06 issue

10. Bob Hoover rolling a Shrike Commander (3,331 kb)- This video is Bob

      Hoover rolling a North American Rockwell Shrike Commander while pouring a glass   
      of iced tea. From my understanding it was filmed by actor Cliff Robertson who was

      a good friend of Mr. Hoover.  Courtesy of Col. Ray Schrecengost.

11. CarterCopterAn unusual personal air vehicle + rotator blade explanations

12. Crash of a Russian Fighter SU-27UB-Video (5,490 kb)– Courtesy of Bob Earl.

13. One of the windiest runways on earth -Audio Sounds like the Guy on the ATIS

      in Wellington, NZ where they get 300 days a year over 30+knots and landings are

      never assured until you reach about 100 feet above the runway.
      Courtesy of
Bob Earl


14. Russian Antonov 225 Largest plane in the world.  Courtesy of Gary Vacin

15. On the Fly
              Are older pilots having more accidents?

                Accident data base can help improve flying skills

                     Thinking of buying your first airplane?

Other Stuff:


    16. The Fight for Survival
           Timely reprint. Understanding the Iraq War and the Muslim Religion.  Although our

 website doesn’t normally publish Political, Religious or Off-color humor, the subject

 of our fight for survival should be open to debate. 
 Courtesy of member
Don Tubbs. 


    17. Pretty Blue Planet (1,220 kb) Use Page Down to advance slides.

 Some of these slides may be computer composites from photos taken from 
 satellites. Courtesy of
Bob Earl


    18. Free 411 Directory Service  1-800-373-3411 – Cleared with


19. Paul Allen’s Luxury Yacht “Octopus” (3,380 kb) World’s largest luxury yacht.
      Use “Page Down” to view slides.- Courtesy of my cousin,
Bill Barnes


20. Many slide shows require the PowerPoint Viewer. Click on PowerPoint Viewer  for    

      a free download. As an example, the Pretty Blue Planet and Paul Allen’s Luxury  

      Yacht above require PowerPoint to view.


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