April 2, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager




Website Updates:

Member Lynn Elsner – Obituary from the April 1st Sun Lakes Splash


Aviation Stuff:


Pearl Harbor Lest we forget – Courtesy of Eugene Evans   

Baseball Season is Starting – A timely reminder.  Avoid flying near their stadiums while games are in process.  There is a link here MLB SCHEDULES that will give you all of the major league baseball schedules for 2006. 


Surface to Surface Air Missiles – Potential danger

SLSASpecial Light Sport Aircraft – A listing of the 30 currently certified SLSA’s

UAV’s – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles may endanger manned aircraft.

Dancing with the Wind – Timely article

Clear the Air – The deadly effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. 
Story of a C-170 pilot who died as a result of CO  poisoning 

Dog is my Co-pilot – Hearing protection for the furry one

Pireps – Pilot reports – Have you given a Pirep lately?

Special Medical Exemptions

Its possible a severe medical condition may not preclude you from flying.

Long Beach Airport has come up with a novel way to prevent potential runway incursions.  A system will detect aircraft on Runway 30 and start the precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights flashing.  If they don't stop flashing by the time aircraft on final for 30 reach 500 feet AGL, pilots are to call the tower and get ready to go around...


Other Stuff:
Chubby Bunny Death – Parents and Grandparent beware
Dollar Store Purchases – Beware of some of them.
Green’s Travel Tips – By Member
Bob Green
Great white shark trailing a kayak
A special message to HOA #2 residents

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