April 9, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager




Website Update:


·         Current Membership Roster – April 5, 2006
Members with delinquent dues are listed in blue.
Treasurer Report – April 5, 2006
  These reports may be viewed by accessing the SLAC Website


Aviation Stuff:

·         Eric Foster – Great Escape pilot dies at age 102. Courtesy of Ray Bahret.

·         LSA Challenger – Member Dan Lance is constructing a Light Sport Aircraft in his garage in Solero.

·         Mooney Aircraft – Comes back with a vengeance with the new turbo-normalized Mooney Acclaim.  236 KTAS, 25,000 feet, 20.6 GPH.

·         A New Navion – The first “zero time” Navion to be built in 30 years is on the way.

·         Evekator’s Cobra – Somewhat Navion-like but altogether new

·         Thunderbird Crash – Spectacular photos and video of the crash. The pilot ejected.

·         Airshow Legend  - Sean Tucker crashes his Challenger Bi-plane.  His story!

·         Tail-wheel Aircraft – Learning to fly a tail-wheel

·         Aircraft Accidents in Arizona  - There were 10 accidents from 1/19/06 to  3/22/06

·         Safety Parachutes – For planes up to 5,000#



Other Stuff:

·         Excerpts from an interview with Arab-American Psychiatrist,Wafa Sultan -
Aired on Al Jazeera TV on February 21, 2006.

·         A timely message from member Ruth Pew

·         Cats with an attitude – Courtesy of Richard Peak

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