May 14, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager




Website: (Of interest to Members)

·          The Roster and the Treasurer’s Report have been updated on the website

·          SLAC Activities UpdateBill Johnson, Activities

·          Splash Article – Preview of the June 1st issue of the SLAC Splash Article

·          CHD Airport Commission Minutes – Minutes of April 14, 2006. Important information.


Aviation Stuff:


·          The Boneyard – Thousands of military planes are stored in Tucson.
Courtesy of
Paul Glaser

·          Jet Engine Power (1,924 kb)– See a video demonstration – Courtesy of Eugene Evans

·          On The Fly
Capstone Program taken off line in Alaska
Solar Powered Planes and Boats
Supersonic Transport Plan Stalls
First Female Space Tourist
Red Bull Air Race to return to the United States (San Francisco)


Other Stuff:


For Horse Lovers – Video Slide Show (658 kb) of four horses owned by my daughter, Gale and her husband, Steve.  Very beautiful photos. 21 Still photos

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