May 21, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

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·         New Member – Ervin Reed  480-895-1717 – email:

·          Minutes of the SLAC Board Meeting May 16, 2006 – Available on the website under “Board Minutes”


Aviation Stuff:


·         Pearl Harbor Bombing – Courtesy of Bernie Peterson

·          More on Paragliding – Click on the photos and see fantastic flights. At Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA  You should try this for one of the most satisfying experiences of your lifetime.

·          Thielert's New 230 hp Diesel Aircraft Engine

·          Lockheed Flight Services Savings Down By $500 MillionIt’s still estimated to save 1.7 Billion dollars.

·         Gear-Up: Those Who Have, Those Who Haven't Yet The great thing about gear-up landings is they almost never result in any fatalities, unless you count dying of embarrassment.

·          Sun 'n Fun Crash Widow Settles Lawsuit Against FAABad decision

·          Contract Deadline Looming, NATCA Expands Public Outreach  National Air Traffic          Controllers Association

·         Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Is Spreading - RNP harnesses the on-board computing power of modern flight management systems and avionics with GPS technology to allow aircraft to be programmed to fly a specific route into and out of an airport.  All of this controlled by electronics.

·         Radar For Your PC - The system is being marketed as a security asset and to anyone with an interest in what's going on in the airspace above them

·          Famous Musicians in Airplane Crashes

·         Quiz:  SIGMET/AIRMET Savvy   Understanding Significant Air Meteorology is important for you to be a safe pilot  Yours truly got 1 out of 10 on this quiz.

·         RC (Radio Controlled)(Video – 4,097 kb)  Model in fantastic aerobatic flight within a gymnasium.  We have not seen this one before. Courtesy of Rollie Baumann and Gale Nelson

·         Space Tourism: Spaceport Proposals Proliferate – Its on the way

·         Supertankers May Debut This YearDC-10’s and B-747’s as Tankers?

·          Excel-Jet -- A Sport-Jet's First FlightA new 4 place, 340 Knot, (at 25,000 feet) Very Light Jet and priced at about $1,000,000



Other Stuff:

·          Merhan Karimi Nasseri, a man without country, trapped by his lack of papers in Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, since 26 August 1988.  The film “Terminal” starring Tom Hanks was loosely based on this true story.

·         The following exchange occurred between a student, the tower, and an instructor at KLVK (Livermore Airport, CA) on 05/08/06...

Student: Cessna N1234 (Student): Livermore tower Cessna 1234 at Sierra ready to taxi 25R with India.
Tower: Roger N1234 taxi to India.
    [Student gives the instructor "Huh? You read it back,"]
Instructor: Cessna N1234: Tower N1234 confirm you want us to taxi to 25R. We don't have enough fuel to get to India.

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