May 28, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager





·        ActivitiesBill Johnson has posted the proposed activities for the Fall.  Bill would appreciate feed-back from the members.

·        Airbus A-380 vs Boeing B-747 – Courtesy of Rollie Baumann


·        Chandler Airport May issue of the “Flyer” and “From the Tower”


Aviation Stuff:


·        Jimmy Doolittle’s –Tokyo Raid.  (In Power Point 3,967 kb) Courtesy of Dan Bott
Click on “Browse” / “Advance” to advance slides

·        Predator Border Patrol Accident Worries Congress

·        Paragliding - More interesting photos from Seattle Paragliding–

·        ON THE FLY
Cessna c-210 pilot escapes by crashing into lake.
Air Traffic Controllers Labor Negotiations Update.
GlobalFlyer made last flight on May 23rd
Say Again? A phrase that fits
VFR-GPS 15 minute mini-course including printable reference card
What is the maximum air-speed I can fly in Class B airspace?



Other Stuff:

·        Outdated Pancake Mix – Can be dangerous to your health

·        Identity Theft Scam – Jury Duty scam is making the rounds

·        No, despite the widely-circulated warning message, the Swiffer WetJet does not pose a general danger to dogs.


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