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June 4, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager





·        No new postings to the Website

Aviation Stuff:

·        Probable Cause - Marginal VFR and Complacency of the Familiar

·        AOPA Project Pilot – Aviation need more mentors. 
Courtesy of member
Ray Bahret

·        Scottsdale Heli Ban – Residential helicopter pads may be banned.

·        Exploding Fuel Tanks – A decade later FAA is moving on Exploding Fuel Tanks

·        Flying Cars – MIT Flying Car Attracting Investors

·         NATCA Contract – More on the current salary negotiations of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association with the FAA

·         Diamond D Jet – To make debut in July at EAA Adventure in Oshkosh.  Looks like this small jet priced below $900,000 is serious competition to the Eclipse 500
Eclipse says it is
on track

·         Self Launching Glider – Electric powered sailplane climbs to 10,000 feet on single charge of batteries.

·         B-17 and B-52 in a fly-by at the Barksdale Airshow May 14-15, 2006 -
Courtesy of member
Eugene Evans

·         ON THE FLY -
P-51 losses canopy in Germany
Bush Jet tears up the runway in Canberra, Australia
Quiz on Wake Turbulence – Pilots should be able to answer all 10 questions


Other Stuff:

·        Green’s Travel TipsBob Green is a member of SLAC

·        Mt. St. Helens showing disturbing activity again

·        Jet Engine Car – Hopes to set land speed record in 2007

·        Missiles Following Pick-Up Truck – Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

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