Michael Miller Leading Group to
Tiger Mountain, Issaquah, WA for a
Paragliding Session

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September 10, 2006



·         October 1, 2006 Splash -  Preview of the SLAC Article

·         Chandler Airport Commission Minutes – July 12, 2006

Aviation Stuff:

·         A Bad Day at Oshkosh - A Bad Day at Oshkosh – Uncalled for fatal accident.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

·         So You Want To Fly A Helicopter?  - Very difficult!  Courtesy of member Dan Bott
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·         Recent Kentucky Airliner Crash – More details on the crash involving using the wrong runway.

·         MIchael Miller – A touching video story of courage and determination.  Michael has cerebral palsey but has flown over 300
paragliding flights, thanks to Marc Chirico, Seattle Paragliding at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA  This is a video of an interview with Evening Magazine SeattleParagliding.com

·         ADS-B – (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast).  Must be affordable before switching per AOPA

·         Lockheed Martin F16i – The new jet that the Israel are purchasing from the U.S.  Courtesy of member Carl Spaeth.

·         Helicopter Rescue – A difficult rescue in Afganistan – Courtesy of Bill Myers

·         Dedicated To All Those Who Flew Behind Round Engines – Courtesy of member Don Stubbs.

·         Going, Going, Going Around – Go-Around procedures are extremely important to observe.

·         Sporty's Safety Quiz – Test yourself on FAR Part 1  


Other Stuff:

·         http://www.ask.com – A new and excellent website search engine challenging http://www.google.com/

·         Green's Travel Tips – September, 2006

·         Difficulty Reading Small Print? - This suggestion by member Bob Green may help you enlarge your print.

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