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October 8, 2006



·        Monthly SLAC Meetings –

·        Splash Article – A preview of the November 1st SLAC article in the SL Splash

·         AOPA Expo 2006 - AOPA Expo 2006 in Palm Springs, California,
November 9 through 11


Aviation Stuff:


·         100 Greatest Military Photographs.(4,138KB Power Point)  Some of the photos are  graphic ... sad ... but oh so true ... and that only by much blood, sweat and tears are we a free nation today.  Courtesy of member Ruth Pew

·         Man in Space(2,028KB Power Point) – 28 remarkable photos
Courtesy of member
Dan Bott

·         Latest Aviation News – Including TFR’s (Temporary Flight Restrictions)

·         Three Carrier Strike Group – June, 2006 – Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         Kodiak – Unique STOL turboprop plane receives TIA (Type Inspection Authorization). - Courtesy of Member Harold Thomas

·         Sudden Silence – When the engine quits on takeoff.  What do I do?

·         Track the Flights of 9/11 on a map – Courtesy of Bob Earl


·         ADIZ – Lasers warn pilots who violate sensitive airspace Printable in-Flight Intercept Procedures Card



Other Stuff:
There have been many contributions by members and others.  Take your pick!!

·         Merchandising – Cute photos. - Courtesy of Doug Nelson

·         Green’s October Travel Tips –“How to be cool on a cruise ship” Member

·         Idle Thoughts of a Wandering Senior’s Mind – Courtesy of Doug Nelson

·         Hurricane Katrina Destruction Photos – Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

·         Tennis Anyone? – Andre Aggasi and Roger Federer play tennis hundreds of feet in
the air.

·         High Flying – Take a look at John Travolta’s digs! – Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Garbage Truck Recreational Vehicle?  LOL – Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

·         Two Guys In Coats Are Back– It’s hilarious – Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Camels in the Desert – Look closely, they are only shadows.



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