6 yr old Spencer's first tandem flight from 7,000' Mt Cheam, BC

along with his Tandem Instructors/Grandpa Marc & Grandma Lan.

Click on photo for details of the Helicopter flight to 7,000’ Mt. Cheam
for paragliding around the peaks


Sun Lakes Aero Club Updates:



October 22, 2006



·         4 New Members – Eric Frische, Howard Langer, Paul Lathom, Ray Winenger

·        Captain Elton E. Dyal ANG –(Air National Guard) -  Biography of member Elton Dyal.

·        Minutes of the October 17, 2006  meeting of the Board of SLAC
Click on Board Minutes and enter password.


Aviation Stuff:

·         Morning Glory Cloud – Photos, movies and text of this unusual formation which is ideal for Sailplane Soaring.

·         2006 Chino Air Show Highlights – Great text.  Left Click on first photo for many thumbnail photos that can be enlarged. - Courtesy of member Paul Glaser

·         King Air Gear Up Landing – (5.7mb) Video of Skillful landing – Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Quickly Finding Spark Plug Failure – Or Not

·         Smallest Twin Engine Plane in the World (5.1mb)– Video Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         NASA's Centennial Challenges – Prize contests to stimulate innovation and competition in Solar System exploration and ongoing NASA Mission areas.

·         New Safety Quiz – Wing Contamination

·         Copperstate Fly-in   Casa Grande, AZ October 26 thru 29.
Contact Bob Hasson 520-400-8887

Other Stuff:

·         Nostalgia – These Black and White clips of early day television should bring back a lot of fond memories to Seniors.  Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Sand Sculpture – 36 photos.  Contest was held in Harrison Hot Springs, BC
September 7-9, 2006  Courtesy of member
Gene Evans

·         Moral From Today’s Lesson – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

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