Albuquerque Balloon Festival October, 2006

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November 5, 2006




·           Chandler Flyer – October issue of the Chandler Airport Newsletter


Aviation Stuff:


·         Navigation into Tibet’s Linzhi Airport (Includes 29.2mb video of the approach)
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

·         LSA Licenses - AOPA still won't take 'no' for an answer on pilot medicals for Light Sport Aircraft.

·         Paragliding Incident – Near disaster at Penon “El Diablo” in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

·         ISS Crew Gets The Munchies – International Space Station gets 2.5 tons worth

·         Helicopters in action (2.9mb video)– Civilization UGH!  Courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Vacuum Pump Failure - When the vacuum system fails, proficiency prevails

·         Cheyenne Crash in Prescott in October

·         Seagulls – The future design of planes may copy seagulls

·         Albuquerque Balloon Festival – Some nice photos courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Earth Observatory Hundreds of beautiful photos from NASA Satellites
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·         On The Fly
You can now submit your aviation incident report On Line
Aircraft sellers beware – Scam artists are on the prowl


Other Stuff:

·         Remember – Freedom is not free – Courtesy of member Gary Vacin

·         Green’s Travel Tips – November

·         First President of the United States – Are you sure you know who it was?
Courtesy of
Rollie Baumann

·         Man’s Best Friend (Video 6.3mb)– A well trained dog.
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans.


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