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Supersonic Business Jet

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Vern Nelson, Web Manager

November 19, 2006



·         News of particular interest to members

·         Preview of the December 1st issue of the Splash

·         Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission – Meeting September 6, 2006

·         Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission – Meeting October 4, 2006


Aviation Stuff:


·        Supersonic Business Jet – At the Skunk Works.  A new quiet supersonic transport Courtesy of member Don Tubbs

·        Shuttle Launch – Photos taken from the ISS – September, 2006
Courtesy of
Bill Johnson

·         Boeing 747-400(593kb) Large Cargo Carrier under development. 
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

·         Times when you really need to trust your pilot (Photos) Courtesy of Ruth Pew

·         AOPA Expo in Palm Springs – Lots of stuff from the recent Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Expo.

·         Next Generation Spaceship – The Orion under developement



Other Stuff:


·         Mountain Trails  Would you dare try to hike these trails?
Courtesy of
Clifford Rosch

·         Classic Cars(5.7mb) Beautiful photos courtesy of Bob Earl

·         Jet Powered Beetle Auto –Courtesy of Gene Evans

·         Grand Canyon Skywalk – On the Haulapai Indian Reservation
Courtesy of
Bill Johnson

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