Piper J-3 on Floats
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December 3, 2006


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Aviation Stuff:

·        V-22 VSTOL aircraft – (3.6mb) Excellent slideshow of the V-22 Osprey Vertical/Short field Take Off and Landing multi-mission aircraft  Use “Page Down/Up” to view.  Requires Power Point.  For more information on the Osprey click on Osprey
Courtesy of
Rollie Baumann

·        Arizona aircraft accidents – Selected recent accidents in Arizona.  The first one listed is the accident at CHD involving an instructor and student who ran off runway 22R and collided with an aircraft in the parking area

·         P-47 Aircraft – Video of this fighter aircraft in action during world war II
Courtesy of member
Bob Earl

·         Airbus A380 – With first passengers

·         Helicopter Crash (1.9mb) – Video of Spectacular crash. It appears there were no injuries.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         CharlieBrown – Charlie flew his damaged B-17 Fortress back to England, thanks to a kindly Luftwaffe pilot.- Courtesy of member Paul Glaser

·         Now this is a serious toy – B-52 jet model. Photos and video.
Courtesy of member
Don Tubbs.

·         Fabulous Aircraft Photos – (2.9mb) Aircraft in flight.  Use Page Up/Down
Courtesy of
Bob Earl

·         Interview with Paul Tibbets – The pilot of the Enola Gay, the B29 that bombed Hiroshimo  - Courtesy of Rollie Baumann

·         Vintage Aircraft Museum in Phoenix – Current status

·         For Pilots
Find Fuel Prices – All fuel prices within 40 miles of any airport.  The current local low price for 100LL (Self Service) is at Chandler at $3.16 and the high is at the Scottsdale FBO at $4.90
Maneuvering Flight – Take this quiz – 10 questions.

Other Stuff:


·        Life on the Train (2.91mb)– A thoughtful slide show.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Strange Catamaran – Its been seen in Washington State and San Francisco Marina.
Courtesy of
Gene Evans

·        Mt Rainier Flood – Excellent photos of widespread damage.  Courtesy of Bob Earl

·        Bowling backwards (2.4mb) Interesting form – Courtesy of Bob Earl

·        Green’s Travel Tips – December, 2006

·        Rome from a helicopter – This is a link to a 6.mb video clip of an amazing mind at work.  A young autistic savant sees Rome the first and only time from a helicopter and over the next 3 days proceeds to draw a panorama of the entire city in fantastic accurate detail, as if his mind recorded the city during his ride. 
Courtesy of
Bob Earl



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