The First Beechcraft Aircraft Design

was The Staggerwing History


January 21, 2007




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Aviation Stuff:


·   Flight No. 1; Flight No 2  Virtual reality.  Here are two videos of what one RC hobbyist did!
These should play well on medium to high speed internet connections.
Courtesy of
Gary Vacin

·   F-35B Joint Strike Fighter-(7.5mb)  Watch the X-35B (Marine version of the F-35) as it became the world's first plane to have a short take-off (400 feet) at 80mph, fly super sonic, and then land vertically - all in one flight!  Courtesy of Gary Vacin

·   A300 Airbus Hit by Missile (1.45mb) Successful landing in Baghdad using thrust only.  Use your Page Down to advance slides.
Courtesy of
Bob Ballantyne

·         Boeing B-797 – Boeing is developing this 1,000 seat, blended wing passenger jet to compete with the new Airbus A-380



Other Stuff:

·        Large to Small(1.1mb)  From almost infinitely large to almost infinitely small.
Power Point.  A product of NASA – Courtesy of
Eugene Evans

·        Hilarious Skit  – A nostalgic conversation between Dean Martin and Foster Brooks
Courtesy of five members.

·        Engineer vs Management – A revealing conversation between the two.
Courtesy of
Eugene Evans

·         Earth From Space – 10 excellent photos with narratives. 
Courtesy of
Clifford Rosch

·         1,200 Square-Feet Under the Sea
For a 24-hour view of one of the most vibrant coral reefs on Earth, book a room at the world's first underwater hotel

·         Bandwidth Meter Speed Test  (link) Check the bandwidth of your Internet Connection


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