Member Dan Lance had an emergency
landing in December.  He and his daughter,Cindy

walked away basically uninjured




February 4, 2007



·         TWA-800 Conspiracy Theory  Letter to member Elton Dyal from James Sanders, who is investigating the crash.  This was the subject of the monthly meeting on January 17th.  This letter is temporarily posted on our website

·         News of Interest to the Members

Aviation Stuff:


·         Too Close for Comfort – Exciting aerial photos. 
Courtesy of members
Jim Space and Paul Glaser.

·         X 31 Automated landing (3.7 mb)– Designed for hands-off carrier landings.  Watch the first landing (24 degree nose up approach) Click on the Play Button
Courtesy of member
Bob Walch

·         P-47 Action in World War II  Video Courtesy of member Don Tubbs.

·         Carrier Landing – Video with you in the cockpit.(2.6 mb).  Click on View/Zoom/Full Screen. Courtesy of member Paul Glaser.

·         Night approach into Aspen, CO  Video (6.9 mb) Infrared on left and visual on right.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans.

·         Low Flying Prank – Courtesy of member Paul Glaser.

·         2006 Reno Race Photos– Courtesy of member Ruth Pew.

·         Swiss Jetman  Video – Click on the Page Menu and zoom to 150% or 200% Courtesy of members Ruth Pew and David Nelson

·         FAA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – Courtesy of member Ben Thompson

·         Blood Pressure  - Limits by the FAA for your medical

Other Stuff:


·        Telephone Jury Scam – Watch out for this one making the rounds.
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans.

·        German Tank Discovered in Lake after 62 Years.  
Courtesy of member Gene Evans.

·        Best 10 Photos from Hubble Telescope.  Courtesy of member Ruth Pew.

·         The Truth About Changing Oil  This sound interesting.  Don’t hold SLAC responsible if you follow their advice.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans.

·        Card Trick. – Can you figure out how it is done?  If you would like the answer, Click on Solution and type “Answer” in the Subject Line -
Courtesy of member
Al Zettler.


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