February 18, 2007



·         SLAC Splash Article – A preview of the March 1st issue.

·         News of Interest to the Members -


Aviation Stuff:

·          Russian SU-30MK Fighter Jet – Amazing video  (5.0 mb)
Courtesy of Member
Gene Evans

·          1/5 Scale Model of a Spitfire – Magnificent workmanship – Courtesy of member Don Tubbs

·          Following courtesy of member Bob Earl
X-Wind Landings
– Some videos (5.7 mb) of scary X-wind landings.
Boeing 777 Flight Deck (Link) You can view individual instruments by following the directions.
De Havilland Dh4-M2  (Link) -  Fully restored and the only one still flying.  Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·          The Following are courtesy of Rollie Baumann
56 of the best flying photos. From many air shows  (Video 4.3 mb)
Midair Madness Traveling from the Carlsbad Airport in San Diego, the Hawker 800XP
    jet struck a glider in a mid-air collision at 16,000 feet over the Pine
    Nut Mountains southeast of Carson City.
Flying Lessons Needed


Other Stuff:


·         Fabulous Juggling  (Video 4.5 mb) – Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         USS New York – Built with 24 tons of metal from the World Trade Center – Courtesy of Member Gary Vacin

·         Following Courtesy of member Eugene Evans
Dog Heaven – If you want to scratch your back, try this! (Video 1.1 mb)
Cold Weather – (Power Point 1.5 mb)  You are lucky if you live in Arizona
Canstruction – Weird sculptures made with cans



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