Green’s Travel Tips

March, 2007



As I See It…


All forecasts say that 2007 may offer the best travel opportunities in decades.  I suppose it is that we are hearing about all the great places in the world.  Our imagination kicks in and we know that we can go there if we wish.  Yes, travel can be expensive, but in truth it really is a bargain to be able to go wherever you want in a style that suits you.


Options in Travel…

Escorted Land Tours - Cruising is a marvelous way to go—but it is not for everyone.  If you are one who doesn’t cruise there are many land-escorted tours available.  I told you about our great land tour in China.  After all those years of hearing about the Great Wall, we got to walk on it.  The people were wonderful.  The scenery was beautiful and we cannot say enough about the joy of experiencing another culture.  Not only that, but it is one of the best values in travel right now.


I have clients who wanted to experience romantic Italy.  They took 12 and 14-day tours and had nothing but good to say about their trip, food and knowledgeable guides.  We enjoyed Italy, too, on a land tour, but ours included more of Europe.  We started in London and visited Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein as well as Italy.


We took another land tour of the British Isles.  Again we started in London and saw much of England.  We then went to Wales, Ireland and Scotland.  This is a great trip for someone who worries about language.  The entire trip is in English speaking countries.  Yes, they do speak a better form of English than we do, or at least some people think so.


Similar escorted tours are available in all 6 continents.  You can also experience Antarctica, but not as a land tour.  Antarctica is still a cruise trip, but in the future, who knows.


Hotels and Resorts can be just the thing for some.  Life in New York City, on a sparsely populated island, or an ocean beach are also available for those who prefer to be in one place for their time away.  There are endless opportunities here too.




Cruising also offers you many options.


Ocean cruising is so affordable and such a carefree way to travel.  Unpack and be waited on.  Enjoy huge ships with many restaurants, great entertainment and superior service.  On board activities are abundant and they offer something for everyone.  Some of the offerings include stops at private islands, onboard classes in scrap booking, cooking, internet specialties and many more fun and educational classes.  Private romantic breakfasts or dinners on your own balcony are something really special.   If you don’t have a balcony, the same special romance opportunity is available in any stateroom.


River cruising is one of the fastest growing experiences.  Here you still unpack one time.  You receive gourmet meals.  There are marvelous guides and your ship docks right in the heart of most towns.  Another added benefit is that river cruises usually include most of the land excursions in the price.  Do any of you think about seeing the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids like I do?  This may be our next trip, a river cruise down the Nile.


Small ships offer an experience all their own.  They have less than 300 passengers and some are even propelled by sail.   They can get into out of the way places the large ships cannot.  They all offer gourmet meals, comfortable modern cabins, great service and experienced crews.  It is a unique cruising experience.


Next Month…

For those of you who have enjoyed travel to many areas, next month I will talk about Exotic Travel.  I believe it will open up a whole new concept of the marvelous opportunities we now have that formally were only for the very, very rich.


Just a Thought…

Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle of their own.


 SLAC Member Bob Green