Photo taken at the AOPA Convention in Palm Springs



March 4, 2007



·        Chandler Airport Commission Minutes – Meeting January 3, 2007
Chandler Airport Flyer – February, 2007 issue

·        News of Interest to our Members


Aviation Stuff:

·         B-1 Stealth Bomber “Spirit” -  Some fantastic photos of the plane in action at the Edwards Air Show.
Courtesy of
Bill Barnes.

·         Huge GE Engines for the A-380 Airbus – Its hard to visualize the size of these brutes.

·         Acrobatic Flying(video 7.1 mb) Hold onto your seat.  Courtesy of member Jim Theobald.

·         Paragliding in Issaquah, WA – Courtesy of Marc Chirico

·         London to Sydney Air Race -  Captain Lonny McClung, USA Ret told us about his participation in this fabulous adventure in 2001 at our February 21st meeting.

·         Eclipse Aviation Production Schedule Slips –SLAC had two fly-ins (11/21/02 and 5/4/04) to Albuquerque to visit the Eclipse 500 light jet facility  Our members were very impressed with this plane and the production methods.|

·         Glasair Sportsman – Build you own with the  “Two Weeks to Taxi Program” 140 to 145 Knots

·         Aging Military Planes – The average Military plane is 24 years old.  During the Vietnam War it was 9 years and the current B-52H Stratofortress is in excess of 40 years old.

·         Gas Taxes – Will pilots be priced out of affordable flying?

·         Approach Minimums – They exist for a reason.  (Yours and your passengers lives)


Other Stuff:


·         Green’s Travel Tips  Member Bob Green gives us travel tips.

·         Bridge Engineering in Germany – Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

·         Balloon Art – Courtesy of member Richard Peak

·         When Insults had Class – Courtesy of Eugene Evans

·         Rotary Engine Motorcycle – Courtesy of member Clifford Rosch

When daylight-saving time goes into effect
next Sunday March 11th—three weeks earlier than usual—don't forget that the conversion between Zulu and your local time will change. Here's a handy chart of conversion factors that you can keep in your flight bag. The earlier time change also means more evening daylight hours and more time for daytime flying!


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