Underway now:

Australia: PG World Championships: Manilla 2007



Our Tom McCune of Issaquah:

Task 1: McCune 9th

Task 2: McCune 3rd

Individual Standing


Tom McCune started paragliding with Seattle Paragliding in July of 2000.

He currently has 800 flights to his log book.

Tom currently has a viable shot at the title of Paragliding World Champion!


~150 world class contestants from 37 countries are competing.


You can sends words of encouragement to Tom and Team USA at:

US Paragliding Team Blog

Note from Vern Nelson This is the first Blog I have ever read. Some of it is well
written, however there are some with not so nice language.

Pics: 2007 Fast & Twitchy Competition Blade Paragliders


USA: 6th

Team/Country Standing




Marc & Seattle Paragliding Team


Seattle Paragliding

11206 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE

Issaquah, WA   98027

c: 206 387 3477

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