Tom McCune on left
Tom took 3rd place in the world paragliding competition
held in Manilla, Australia from February 24 to March 9, 2007
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Seattle Paragliding for more about the Competition.



March 18, 2007



Aviation Stuff:

·        Shuttle Preparation(3.0 mb) Exciting photos of the Space Shuttle Discovery getting ready for launch.
Courtesy of member
Michael Boylan

·        A380 Airbus(2.6 mb)  Great photos of the new aircraft both external and internal. 
Courtesy of member
Ruth Pew

·         JFK Ground Control – It doesn’t get much worse than this.  This is an audio presentation.  Click on the play button on the left to load.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl, who is a retired Control Tower Manager.  ..

·         97 Year Old Evelyn Bryan Johnson – She has more flying hours than anyone else on earth (57,635 to be exact)

·         Stress changes things – Never Again.  A good lesson in emergency procedures

·         Pireps  - Take a course in Pilot Reports.  You may save somebody’s life.  Approved as a Wings Program

·         Question and Answer – Do law enforcement officers have the right to review your pilot credentials?

·         Paragliding – World Championships held in Manilla, Australia Feb 24th to March 9th.  Courtesy of Marc Chirico

·         ISS Falling – The International Space Station is falling but NASA is not worried.


Other Stuff:

·        Memories for Oldies(1.0 mb) The way it used to be. Courtesy of Clifford Rosch

·        Granny(4.9 mb) Jetliner landing on freeway?  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Tugboat vs Bridge  - An incident that took place at Rooster Bridge on the Tombigbee River in southwest Alabama.

·        UNBELIEVABLE VERTICAL SNOW BOARD CHUTE   Video of an almost vertical descent. 
Click on the button on the lower right of the video to enlarge to full screen.  Courtesy of
Marc Chirico

·        And you think you are having a bad day!  - Courtesy of Steve Lambert

·         Satellite PhotosView anywhere in the world in detail.  Look at your home.  Use the scales at the left to home in on your search.  It starts at Seattle Paragliding on Tiger Mountain.  Courtesy of Marc Chirico.


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