The F-15E "Strike Eagle" from the Demo Team
from Seymour/Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, N.C

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April 1, 2007



·         News of Interest to our Members

·         Chandler Flyer – March, 2007

·         Chandler Airport Commission Minutes – February 14, 2007


Aviation Stuff:

·         Canadian Goose – Interesting video of Canadian Goose’s attachment to a power boat. 
Courtesy of
Richard Peak

·         Boeing Blended Wing  - The experiment is ready to launch

·        Single-Pilot IFR
This program qualifies for FAA WINGS Proficiency Awards Program if the quiz is completed successfully with a score of 70% or better.

·        Solar Powered Aircraft  -  Are they in our future?

·        The Savvy Aviator– “Don’t Worry – They All Do That”. 
Beware if you hear these words from your maintenance shop

·        First F117’s Head For Retirement  Some of the most advanced USAF Inventory are being put to pasture.

·        Plane photos(4.3 mb) Neat pictures of airplanes in flight – Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·        Gimli glider incident – When a Boeing-767 runs out of fuel at 41,000 feet what do you have?  Very interesting reading.  Courtesy of member Ruth Pew

Other Stuff:

·        Safety Driving Tip  - Using cruise control when it is raining.

·        Red Neck Bungee Ride  (1.2 mb) -  1st Ride at the Redneck Theme Park.  Courtesy of member Jim Parish

·        Build It And They Will Come – Courtesy of member Bill Johnson

·        Seen Everything? – Some spectacular photos.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

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