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August 31, 2007




q       News of interest to our membersMeetings, Programs, Activities, New Members, etc.


q       Chandler Flyer – August Newsletter for the tenants of the Chandler Airport

q       Information about CHD – Chandler Airport Stats on Number of hangars, planes, etc.

q       CHD Airport Emergency Plans – It’s nice to know the airport has emergency plans in effect.
Courtesy of
Greg Chenowith, Chandler Airport Manager


Aviation Stuff:


q       CT LSA – The CT is a Carbon Tech Light Sport Aircraft.  Two Indian Officers completed a circumnavigation of the Globe on August 19th in a CTsw (Carbon Tech Short Wing).  Member Harold Thomas owns a couple of them and one of them is available for sale.

q       Stadium VFR’s – Temporary Flight Restrictions around sports stadiums.  Timely warnings.

q       Pilots confused on location on airport -  United Pilots confused about where they are on the airport.  A Near disaster.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       Russian Airshow 2007(5.0 mb) 75 slides of beautiful Russian aircraft.  The show was held at the Zhukovsky Airport on the shoreline of lake Galendzhik about a 3 hour drive from Moscow.  This was once a secret test airport.  Use your Page Up and Page Down keys.  Courtesy of Bill Myers.

q       Computer Enhancement – Fun changing the way aircraft look.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

q       50 Fabulous Slides -  Click on “Sideshow” and use the left and right arrows to advance and retreat. "Every year there's a big weekend event in Seattle called Seafair. The highlights are hydroplane races on Lake Washington, the Blue Angels, etc.  We have a fantastic view from the back deck of our new house. it's a photographer's dream. Here are some of the photos I took today (Saturday August 4th), some from the lake shore, others from our house."  The previous comments are from a friend of member Bob Earl.

q       P-51 Fighters Crash at Oshkosh   Slides and preliminary NTSB Report. 2 landing P-51 Fighter Planes collide on landing -  Courtesy of Cliff Rosch and members Harold Thomas and Bob Earl

q       Inside the Shuttle cockpit– Interesting video.  Watch closely.  You are on final approach for landing in the Space Shuttle.  It may be as close as you will ever get.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

q       Defective Magneto – Leads to fatal accident.

q       Ford Tri-Motor NC9612– You can buy this beautifully restored plane for $3,000,000.  34 photos of immaculate restoration.  Painting of Plane by Jack Fellows , a friend of Bob’s.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       Chinook Helicopter(Video 5.0 mb) - A Chinook helicopter pilot sticks the ramp at the tail end into the water and waits for some Navy Seals to come aboard.   Takes awesome pilot skills and guts on everybody's part.

q       John Travolta Digs( 2.1 mb) - To say we are envious is putting it mildly.  Courtesy of member John Marsh.

q       Radio Controlled Model Jet(Video 3.0 mb) Wonderful video of preparations, taxi for take-off and departure.

Courtesy of member Bob Earl.



Other Stuff:


q       Floating Drydock(2.0 mb)  Great slides.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       Amazing 6 Year Old(Video 4.6 mb) This youngster is a genius on the piano. 
Courtesy of friend
Terry Meury.

q       Herb Meyer - Interesting view of the worlds geopolitical situation and demographics with their impact on the future.  Courtesy of Cliff Rosch

q       Imaginative Advertising – 12 slides.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

q       In Case of Emergency – Store ICE in your cell phone for paramedics to call your emergency number.
Courtesy of member Eugene Evans.

q       Fire Rainbows – A very unique weather phenomenon.  Courtesy of Gale Nelson


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