John Schwamm with his
1979 Siai Marchetti 1019  N2525M 2 place


SLAC is proud to add John Schwamm as a new member
Wife: Linda

Telephone: 480.488.9510



John was born In Sitka and raised in Alaska..†† He moved to Anchorage in 1949 from southeast Alaska.††


His father was an early pilot in the teens and 1920's.and flew in several Hollywood movies, Hell's Angels, etc. and went to Alaska in the late 1930's., He started a flying service there andwas the first Director of Aviation for the territory of Alaska, and after statehood manager of the Anchorage International airport.He had WW1 planes in his fleet..


John was in the Real Estate development business in Alaska.   He grew up around aviation and always used it as a hobby for hunting and fishing all over Alaska.He has owned and flown many different aircraft and has over 4000 hours, single and mutil engine land and sea/inst.


John owns four planes at the present time.Three of them are based at his home on the Carefree, AZ Airport.


1.     1947 Grumman Widgeon ††††††††††††††††††††††† N244GW †††† 6 place

2.     Ryan STA †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† NC18923 ††† 2place

3.     1979 Siai Marchetti 1019 ††††††††††††††††††††††† N2525M  ††† 2 placeItalian Military Designation is EI-465

4.     1985 Cessna Caravan, amphibs, †††††††††††† N32009†††††† 10 place850 Conversion.See photo below

1947 Grumman Widgeon

The Widgeon is a 1947, built by Grumman, the fourth to the last one off the line.  Grumman identified them as G-44A.  The A model was built starting in 1945 just before the end of the war, has a deeper nose than the G-44 and a few other minor changes.


Johnís Widgeon is a McKinnon conversion, which installed the Lycoming GO-480 geared 270HP engines in place of the original Rangers.  These engines give it the great initial thrust for water performance, plus the slower turning props make it a bit quieter.It is a very lightweight one, just over 3900 lbs, the gross is 5500 lbs.  Cruise speed is about 135knts, burns about 25 gph.


He used it extensively in Alaska for getting to the good fishing spots, flying south in the winters and north in the summers, just like the birds!  He has had three Widgeons over a period of at least 20 years, this one for over ten.  It has won many show awards at EAA fly-ins over the years and been featured in the EAA calendars several times.  It is a nice stable, tough aircraft, by Grumman 'Ironworks'. Feels like a sports car to fly, very light on the controls. With land and sea capability there is not much in this size that offers the performance of a McKinnon Widgeon.


It was all refurbished, painted upholstered, etc by Victoria Air Maintenance in B.C.  Always hangared and today still looks like new.


Now only being in the northwest (mostly salt water) and Arizona he doesnít have great access to nice freshwater, Roosevelt Lake is open and the Colorado river. John is considering putting it up for sale so someone else can enjoy the fun of a Widgeon.( Too many airplanes!)


1979 Siai Marchetti 1019  N2525M 2 place

I went to Italy last fall and purchased the 1019 there and shipped it back in a container with another 1019 of a friend. My stepson, Starr Farmer, an IA, assembled it and did the restoration work, new windows, new panel with modern radios and gps, big tires, Cleveland brakes, etc.  Airframe only has 1200 hours and engine 650.  Italians developed these with the Allison turbine, a beefed up version with thicker skins and new tail from the Cessna L-19.  It has a co pilot door too.Cruise 140 knts, burn 20 gph.  Fantastic performance and power.  Smooth and quiet, very stable.  Flaps and trim all electric on power lever and stick.












This is similar to Johnís Caravan.

His Caravan is an 850 Conversion

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