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Ryan Nelson 1st Skydiving Jump

May 8, 2008 at Eloy, AZ

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SLAC Update
May 31, 2008


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News of Interest to Members and Pilots

·         Newsletter for members of SLAC - May, 2008

·         Special for Pilots – Articles of particular interest to pilots

Air and Space

·         Seattle Paragliding – This is a newly designed website. 
West Coast Paragliding Adventures on YouTube video
Riding the Winds-Paragliding Pictorial Basics at a glance  An excellent pictorial – Enlarge to view (Click on Pictorial)
Courtesy of Marc Chirico, Founder of Seattle Paragliding

·         Cockpit Views of Military Planes – Courtesy of member Bob Walch


·         Look what oil will buy – Photos of Sultan of Brunei’s private jet. 
Courtesy of members
Dick O’Brien and Paul Glaser

·      America from the cockpit of a J-3 Cub

-           Neat photo presentation of a vintage J3 flying from California to Lock Haven, Pa. then on to Oshkosh before returning to California.  Nothing like the view out of the open door of a J3 from pattern altitude.  Courtesy of Van Klompenburg

·         World’s Largest Helicopter – Courtesy of member Bob Walch

·         Low Passes – (Video 2.7 mb) Military planes making low passes.  Courtesy of member Dan Kiely

·         How and Idiot Props a Plane – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Multi-wing Aircraft Photos (4.0 mb) 46 beautiful photos of Biplanes and Triplanes.
Courtesy of member
Bob Walch

·         Member Harold Thomas’s new plane – Harold received his new CTS (Carbon Tech Short Wing Light Sport Aircraft) this month.   It has an all glass panel - N9922P

·         Airbus Tailstrike (Video 3.0 mb) – A-380 dragging tail on take-off.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Region 5 North Soaring Championships – Perry, SC (Slides) – 75 aircraft

·         Harrison Ford tells how he pursued his love of flight

·         Radio Controlled Dirigible  

·         Petal Powered Dirigible

Other Stuff

·         8 Great Photos – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         The Emma Maersk – (9 Photos) – Huge cargo ship built in Denmark for the Chinese. 
Courtesy of member
Clif Rosch and Richard Peak

·         Northern Lights and Antartica Waves – Northern lights over Yellowknife

·        Gun Vault – 1600 square foot gun vault. 

·         Poster Boy for the Second Amendment -   Battle Hymn of the Republic - If you missed hearing the US Army Band and Chorus welcome Pope Benedict XVI at the White House Rose Garden ceremony on 15 April, get a load of these high school kids. One of the fathers recorded it, added some graphic enhancements to the recording, and posted it on the web.  The song, of course, is the 'Battle Hymn Of The Republic.' 
It will send a few shivers up your spine
-  Courtesy of member Gary Vacin 

·         Water Fuel – (Video 3.1 mb) Just what we need. Water replacing gasoline – Courtesy of member Dick O’Brien

·         Military Quotes – Some mighty interesting quotes – Courtesy of member Dan Bott

·         Stay Young (Slides .4 mb) – Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         Beijing Fast Food (Slides 2.5 mb) – How would you like this kind of buffet? – Welcome to the Olympics
Courtesy of members
Gene Evans and Richard Peak

·         ATM Theft – Ingenious method to get to your bank account from an ATM – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Why Men Die Younger than Women – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Earth from Space (1.7 mb) – Some of these photos are digitally composed but still spectacular.
Courtesy of member
John Ryan

·         Striped Icebergs – In Antarctica.  Courtesy of Snopes

·         Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell – (Video 3.3 mb) - The year: 1940 (68 years ago). The narrator is Frank Sinatra.
It was filmed in ONE unedited camera take.  It is considered by many as the best dance scene ever filmed.
Courtesy of member
Gene Evans.

·         Dirt Roads - This reminds me of growing up.  How was I so lucky?  Some of you may have never experienced dirt roads but they were the best! – Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

·         They Walk Among Us – Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Blind Bowler – Bowls 300 game at age 78 and blind.  Wow!!  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

·         Robot Dog – (YouTube Video) – Unbelievable.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Tips – Some great tips; food, around the house, etc.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

·         Talking to a technician in India – Entanglement.  Courtesy of member Gary Vacin

·         Snakes – Be careful when walking around the desert – Courtesy of member Ruth Pew

·         Dubai Land – (Slide show 1.7 mb)  We published an article on Dubai back in February, however this slide show is much more interesting.  Shows where your gas and oil money is going.
Courtesy of member
Richard Peak

·         What’s in the Barn? (1.1 mb) How would you like to buy property with a barn like this on it?
This story is only partially true.  The photos are accurate, however take a look at the real story - Cars in Barn Courtesy of member
Dan Bott

·         Best Buy return item policy – Their return policy includes a 15% fee on certain items that can be used for two weeks and then returned.  Before you condemn Best Buy, read the article through.

·         So you want to be a Cowboy? – (Video 2.1 mb) – Courtesy of member Harold Thomas

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