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Details on the refurbishing of Hubble
Spectacular photos by Hubble
(PP slides 3.2 mb)(Clif Rosch and Richard Peak)



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May 31, 2009



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News of Interest to Members and Pilots


·        Newsletter for SLAC Members (25 kb)

·        Of Interest to Pilots (47 kb)
Articles of particular interest to pilots

·        Minutes of the Chandler Airport Commission meeting March 11, 2009  (pdf file  639 kb)
(Nanette Kahl)


1.    Flying Wing (Link video) (Clif Rosch)
Restored Vintage Northrop N9MB Flying Wing---Rare Sight ! I (Clif Rosch) remember watching this little flying wing buzz around Hawthorne airport when I was in high school in 1945. It brings back old memories. We used to call it the flying bat.

2.    Aircraft Carrier USS J.F.K. (360 kb) (Clif Rosch and Earl Cuyler)’
Have you ever wondered just how big a US Aircraft Carrier really is?  This is a photo of the carrier docking in Malta

3.    Hang Gliding and Paragliding  (Link video) (Marc Chirico)
Bloopers in the good old days.  Enlarge to full screen

4. The Cumulus Cloud Applet (Link) (Marc Chirico)
Move the cursor to show the altitude of the cloud bases.  Read the exact temperatures and dew points.

5. 2008 Nellis Air Show (PP slides 4.3 mb) (Dan Bott)

6. E2D Advanced Hawkeye (15 kb) (Bruno Uptagraftt)

7. Plane crash off beach (Video 2.4 mb) (Bob Earl)

8. Shooting star (Link video 1.9 mb) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
After watching this video, you may want to re-think wishing upon a shooting star

9. F35 Helmet (13 kb) (Tom Malthaner) Star wars

10.    F35 Flip (Link video) (Bruno Uptagraftt)

11.    Vintage Aircraft (26 kb) (Ben Thompson) Remarkable old planes

12.    Over Africa  GA helps stop poachers in Africa

13.    Hall-of-famer soars to U.S. record Tom Knauff, a member of the Soaring Hall of Fame, set a U.S. multiplace motorglider record for out-and-return speed over a goal-and-return course of more than 500 km on May 10th

14.    General Aviation Really Cares Wounded Iraq War Vets Ride For Free To Wounded Warrior Event

15.    New Branson Airport The Branson West Municipal Airport is just about 20 miles from Branson, Mo., and will feature a 5,000-foot airstrip, a taxiway, a terminal building, fuel, and about 30 hangars. The airfield is now under construction, after years of planning, and is expected to be up and running by this December

16.    Bird Radar The FAA has been experimenting with ways to detect bird movements with radar for quite a while, but since an airliner had to ditch in New York in January after its engines ingested birds, interest in the systems has intensified.

17.    Survival (45 kb) (Bob Earl) The story of Cliff Judkin who survived of a re-fueling accident at sea at 15,000 feet

18.    Radio Controlled Model (Video 5.0 mb) (Bob Earl) Extraordinary control

19.    Light Sport Aircraft (12 kb) Will attempt to set a record in June of a flight from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA  in 17 daylight hours

20.    Scottsdale Airport (128 kb) When the city of Scottsdale purchased the former Thunderbird II Airfield from the Arizona Conference of Seventh Day Adventists in 1966, the area, in general, was considered on the outskirts of the Phoenix metro area. A little more than 40 years later, however, Scottsdale Airport thrives and is planning its next step: Future sustainability.

21.    NASA, Russia extend Space Contract  (9 kb) NASA has signed a $306 million modification to the current International Space Station contract with the Russian Federal Space Agency for crew transportation and related services in 2012 and 2013.

22.    Virgin Galactic Tests SpaceShipTwo Engine (12 kb) The hybrid Nitrous Oxide system being used is the largest of its kind in the world and it will send Virgin’s customers up into sub-orbital space at speeds over 2500 mph.

23.    Zeppelin “Eureka”  (12 kb) Returns from Los Angeles to San Francisco after successful trip.


24.    Old Geezers Rock  (link) (Bruno Uptagraftt)
A very interesting dance routine

25.    2009 Contractor Award (PP slides 268 kb) (Ken Moeller)

26.    Sahara Dunes (PP slides 4.8 mb) (Bruno Uptagraftt)

27.    Dropped something valuable down the drain?  (Link) (Clif Rosch)
Here is an easy way to recover it without tearing the sink apart or calling a plumber

28.    The latest technology (PP slides 3.7 mb)  (Bruno Uptagraftt)

29.    Maintenance of high voltage power lines by helicopter (Link video) (Gary Farrell)

30.    Tunnel Harry (Link) (Bob Earl),The 300-foot tunnel at Stalag Luft III that 76 men snuck through during their infamous getaway on the nights of March 24-25, 1944

31.    Lots of old automobiles (Link) (Bruno Uptagraftt) Cars of yore

32.    Bach – An organ duo (Link video 3.7 mb) (Ken Moeller)
This must have taken a great deal of foot-work practice

33.    Orcas whales attacking a lone seal (Link video) (Richard Peak)
Group effort successful in getting a lone seal off of an ice flow

34.    Table top computer (Link video) (Richard Peak)
Its difficult to believe how rapidly computers are developing.

35.    Global Positioning System The Global Positioning System is a constellation of orbiting satellites that provides navigation data to military and civilian users all over the world. The system is operated and controlled by the 50th Space Wing, located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo.

36.    Auto Makers should reinvent themselves  (44 kb) In order to survive, they should become more like Personal Computer makers did 20 years ago.

37.    Inspired Bicyles (Link video)  (Bruno Uptagraftt) Bicycling as you have never seen before


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