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Date: August 13, 2006

To: All SLAC Members

From: Vern Nelson, Web Manager





·         Chandler Airport Flyer – July Newsletter for Tenants of the Airport

·         Status of Member Ray Schrecengost


Aviation Stuff:

·         Paragliding and Dust Storms – 67 mile cross country flight by beginner Paraglider, Evan Schelter plus dust devil chases in Australia.

·         What Happens After An Accident – Take Sporty's Safety Quiz

·         Approach Quiz – Take a quiz on VOR/DME or GPS 12 approaches

·         AOPA recommends that Luke Air Force Base seek non-rulemaking solution to separate military, GA aircraft

·         Flying to Canada? – Quick Flight Briefing

·         Silo talk
AOPA team heads to the plains to get action for members

·         Commemorative Air Force  – Several SLAC members are also members of the CAF

·         On The Fly
UAV crashed raise safety concerns
FAA to ease restrictions on Warbird flying




Other Stuff:


·         Beautiful Bird Photos – Taken by Dow Lambert – copyrighted

·         24 Second Rule – Origin of the 24 second rule in basketball

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