Hitting one of those hard-to-miss pylons

Red Bull Air Race

September 22, 2007 San Diego, CA


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Video of the race  (Note: Do not click on Full Screen)

About the Red Bull Air Race World Series





September 30, 2007


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q       Newsletter for SLAC members

q       Chandler Municipal Airport:
Minutes of the Airport Commission – July 11, 2007
Current meeting agenda of the Chandler Airport Commission  Includes Date, Time and Place
City of Chandler scheduled meetings

q       PowerPoint Viewer – It has come to our attention that some readers are unable to view articles because they do not have PowerPoint Viewer on their computer.  If you click on this URL, you can download PowerPoint Viewer 2003.  The download is free.

Aviation Stuff:


q       Selected Aviation News – Selected latest news articles.

q       NASA Photos – You can’t be afraid of heights and do this job.  Courtesy of, member Bob Earl.

q       Boeing B-40 Mailplane - The first Model 40 was built for a 1925 U.S. Post Office competition as a replacement for the converted military de Havillands that had carried the airmail since 1918.
Courtesy of member
Jim Parish

q       Carrier Landing(Video 2.5 mb – Make it full screen) Sit in the cockpit and view a carrier landing.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

q       RC Model B-29 - The world’s largest Radio Controlled model plane – 1/5 scale.  Click on the lower right corner of the menus’ to enlarge to full screen.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       High Voltage Power Worker(Video 5.0 mb) – Dangerous work on high voltage power lines.
Courtesy of member
Richard Peak

q       Paragliding Adventure (in the front seat) with Mitch BogdenI think this may be the first time Marc Chirico has ridden tandem in the front seat.  He is an instructor and rides in the aft seat.
WOW!! ... Tumbling (Looping) Paraglider Aerobatics

q       Update on the Personal BlimpDan Nachbar is constructing a new Personal Blimp named Hugo in memory of Hugo Eckner,  It will be somewhat more streamlined.

q       Do you hate to fly the airlines?  A Look at the West African version could change your perspective.

q       8 largest helicopters in the world – Plus the largest plane in the world.

q       Air Force Anniversaries – Courtesy of member Tom Malthaner

q       F/A-22 – America’s new fighter with text.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       Barnstormers eFlyer  If you are searching for a plane to buy, you may want to subscribe to the free monthly Barnstormers email.  Lots of other interesting information also.  Courtesy of member Gary Vacin

Other Stuff:


q       Green’s Travel TipsBob Green has been a member of SLAC for many years.  We are saddened to learn that he and his wife, Barbara, are moving to Sun City, Texas.  Bob has given us Travel Tips for a long time and many readers have benefited from his tips..

q       What happened on top of Mt. Suribachi on Feb. 23, 1945

q       National Weather Service Enhanced Radar – National and Regional.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       Forwarding Email – Some excellent does and don’ts.  Well worth reading. 
Courtesy of member
Harold Thomas

q       Lake Peigneur, LA – Very interesting event that drained an 11 foot deep, 1,300 acre fresh water lake and re-filled it to make a 1,300 foot deep salt water lake.  Story and video.  Courtesy of member Eugene Evans

q       Three Interesting And Timely True Stories From Snopes – A couple of them apply to young children.

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