Gathering of over 100 World War II Vintage

P51 Mustangs Sept 27-30, 2007

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October 31, 2007


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Chandler Airport –


q       Newsletter for our membersThe latest information of interest to SLAC members.

q       Chandler Airport News

1.    The Chandler Flyer:  A monthly newsletter of the Chandler Municipal Airport
September Flyer.
October Flyer

2.     Minutes of the Airport Commission – September 12, 2007


Aviation Stuff:


q       F-35B VTOL (Video 7.5 mb large file)  - Vertical Take Off and Landing.  Suggest you leave at small size because of low resolution.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       F/A 22 Raptor – Demonstration Flight.  Amazing flight.  Courtesy of member John Ryan

q       Sporty’s Quiz(Link) V Speeds and Airspeed Indicator Markings.  Take this 10 question quiz.

q       SR71 Breakup at Mach 3.18 – Very interesting narrative – Courtesy of Robert Lowell

q       Carburetor Ice Leads to Night Off-Airport Landing

q       Preparation Takes Sting Out of Ramp Check – When the FAA Approaches you on the ramp

q       New Drug for Diabetics Cleared for use by Pilots

q       On The Fly Aviation News
China’s Chang'e Probe Blasts Off For The Moon
NASA's Griffin Regrets Agency's Stance On Withholding Report
DC-10 Fire Tanker Dropping Phos-Chek on California Fire   (Video Link)  Courtesy of member
Bob Earl
Rare Fire Fighting Planes Answer California Call
D. C. Cooper Unmasked At Last?
Guardian Airliner Anti-Missile System Achieves 12,000 Operating Hours
Administration Continues to push User Fees
Border Crossing Rules Unreasonable – AOPA needs your help
Eclipse Adjusts Work Force
Dick Vaughn, Activities is arranging a fly-on to Albuquerque on November 17th to visit the Eclipse-500 Light Sport Jet Manufacturing Facility.

Other Stuff:


q       Sand Sculptures(Link) Sculptor’s Choice awards – 1994 to 2006

q       Classic Cars(Slide show 5.7 mb) – Many beautiful cars.  Courtesy of Cliff Rosch.

q       Made by hands(Slide show 2.7 mb) Artists at workCourtesy of Diane Hicks

q       Getting Old13 Kb  How do you feel about getting old?

q       Finger & Brush Painting - Courtesy of member Bob Earl.

q       Woodworking12 Kb Great craftsmanship

q       Shadow Puppet(Video 2.4 mb) Remarkable shadow puppet show. Maximize in upper right corner.

q       Polar Bear & Dogs10 Kb The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his huskies when the polar bear materialized out of the blue

q       Missing Black Hole Report: Hundreds Found  Discovered by NASA's Spitzer and Chandra space telescopes

q       Jock Vs Nerd28 kb Amazing incomes.  Courtesy of member Gene Evans

q       Fantastic Trip(Slide show 1.1 mb)  Large and small beyond our conception.  Courtesy of member Bob Earl

q       Military Quotes – Courtesy of member Tom Malthaner

q       VIP Protection(Includes video 4.3 mb) Courtesy of member Gene Evans

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