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Airport Information

Charts, Fuel, Navaids, Fixes


Local Airport Links


Airports in Arizona


Frequency charts (all local frequencies)



Aviation News

Accident data base


Airport journals from around the country


Space station tracking and sighting times


Development of Wright Brothers Gliders


Air Carrier Operations



Flight Planning

Includes NOTAM’s And TFR’s (Temp Flt Restrictions)


ADDS – Aviation Digital Data Service – June, 2005


AOPA 4 Step approach to Flight Planning


Aeronautical Information Manual


Printable Flight Planning Forms


Aeronautical Charts – Issue Dates & Next Issue Date.


ADDS – Aviation Digital Data Service.


Victor airways are numbered Odd for North/South and Even for East/West.




All Aircraft Museums in the Untied States


Aviation history


Lauridsen Aviation Museum – Buckeye Municipal Airport


Member Jim Space’s photos at 5 Military Museums in Bulgaria and Vietnam



Other Links

Aviation Oriented


Fly Neighborly – Written by Bob Earl


Acronyms, Abbreviations and V Speeds


Aircraft performance data base


Medical Examiners - Search for


FAA Examinations – Practice for


FAA Regulations


Aerial views of all Airports in Arizona


Other Aviation Links


Aircraft Photos – Airliners, Military & Civilian


Airman Certificates – Searchable Database


Auctions – Aircraft and Parts


Aviation News – the latest


Cameras in Europe – Live


Flying Car – The Terrafugia


NTSB Accident Base & Synopses




Flights for Life – A charitable organization


Angel Flight West – Similar to “Flights for Life”


Arizona Pilots Association


Phoenix Aerobatic Club


Jon Melby – Aerobatic Pilot – Based at  Chandler Municipal Airport


Phoenix Flyers – A Flying Club


Scottsdale Breakfast Club – Monthly fly-ins 2nd Saturday of each Month


Sun Lakes Model Airplane Club


World Air Sports Federation


Paragliding – Seattle Paragliding


Other Valuable Links


Contact you Representatives in Washington


Contact the White House in Washington


Enter Phone Number and Get Party and Map Directions


Science News


TRUE & FALSE Urban Legends, False Rumors, Viruses, Etc




FAR’s Federal Aviation Regulations



Sun Lakes

All Sun Lakes Communities


Phases 1, 2 and 3




Official US Time (to two tenths of a second


Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset


World time server (current time anyplace in the world)




Smilin’ Jacks links


Flight tracking – any airline


Currency, Gold, Palladium, Platinum and Silver Conversion
Prices. (Current Prices).

Airline Reservations




ADDS – Aviation Digital Data Service – June, 2005


DUATS – Weather briefing, file flight plans


Pireps, Current AZ Weather by Cities, Much More


Chandler Weather


All kinds of weather information including maps


Intelllicast Weather – Including marine weather


Weather Underground (Great source)


Phoenix Weather Radar