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Selected Articles From Past Website Updates – July 28, 2005 to Present. 
Index: -  Aviation;  Museums;  Other;  Paragliding and Sky Diving; Ships;  Space Photos.


May 31, 2009 FINAL ISSUE  Hubble Telescope;  Flying Wing 1945;  Hang gliding and paragliding bloopers;  Cumulus cloud applet;  F35 helmet;  F35 Flip;  Vintage aircraft;  Radio controlled model;  Sahara Dunes;  Autos of yore;  Bach-an organ duo;  Inspired bicycles


April 30, 2009  Hoverwing;  X47B Unmanned Aircraft;  Seattle Paragliding;  P-59 America’s first jet;  Carriers in action;  Old School Aircraft;  Unusual aircraft;  World’s largest model railroad;  Slides of Tirol, Italy;  Finland in the Winter;  Street artist;  Taps;  The Thousand Islands;  2009 inauguration photos;  Sistine Chapel; 


March 31, 2009  Wright Bros flight video;  F-35 new fighter jet;  Boneyard at Tucson;  911 photos declassified;  Concorde landing in NY;  Landing on an aircraft carrier during severe weather;  Soaring;  Radio controlled models;  Flying auto;  Breaking the sound barrier.


February 28, 2009  1947 Cleveland Air Races;  Eye candy for aviators;  Flight 1540 ditching;  Really rare old birds;  Cockpit views;  Cockpit of the A380;  Beautiful Arizona;  Ships in storms;  Our Gang Comedy;  Norway;  Norway again;  Jumbled words;  Lenticular clouds;  Jessica Cox;  Milton Friedman interview;  Fantastic photos


January 31, 2009  Flying Clipper Ships;  Russian Jet SU30;  Newest Unmanned Vehicle;  Cool Military Photos;  Paragliding taken to the extreme;  C-17 Globemaster RC Model;  B-36;  Nellis AFB Airshow;  Update of Kodiak construction;  U.S. Airways accident;  Our 43 Presidents ancestry, occupations, etc;  Sedona;  Fastest gunslinger in the world;  World War II facts;  Model T assemble line;  American Indians of the past;  World’s ;largest combustion engine;  


December 31, 2008  Space shuttle;  Plane photos;  Largest Jet;  Safety Foundation Database;  All the women we have loved;  Getting old-how many do you recognize;  Current weather at Sun Lakes


November 30, 2008  Carrier landing video;  Old School aircraft;  Folding wing amphibious plane;  Great military photos;  B787 milestones;  Awesome air photos;  Extreme UAV’s;  Stroke symptoms;  Great driving skill;  The King’s Guard drill show.


October 31, 2008 – World clock;  Zeppelin flights start over San Francisco;  Ride in the cockpit of an aircraft landing on a carrier;  Russian B-200 Jet amphibious fire fighting tanker;  Boeing X48B proposed jetliner;  F-35 VTOL Jet fighter first flight;  Hundreds of unique research aircraft;  Peregrine Falcon;  Japanese Illusionist;  Japanese Mall Fountain.


September 30, 2008 – WWII Map of advance of war;  WWII Scrapbook rare planes;  Antiques aircraft;  Dead stick TO & Landing;  Rare aircraft photos;  Beautiful Tibet;  Drug interaction checker;  Western paintings;  Quiz money in your wallet.


August 31, 2008 – First flight Cirrus Jet;  Vintage airline photos;  very very unusual planes;  2008 Nellis Airshow;  Mountain flying (move cursor to fly plane);  Luxurious passenger cabins;  F-35 first flight vertical take off and landing;  Emirate takes delivery of Airbus A-380;  Piper Super Cub performance;  Stop action photos;  Swan Lake like you have never seen it before;  Chinese drum girls.


May 31, 2008 – Ryan Nelson 1st Skydive;  Seattle Paragliding;  Cockpit Views Military Planes;  America from J3 Cub;  Multi-wing aircraft;  The Emma Maersk (Huge cargo ship);  Northern Lights;  Water Fuel;  Robot Dog;  Food Tips;  DubaiLand;  


April 30, 2008 – Beijing Airport (Largest bldg in world);  Space Photos;  Aircraft Photos;  Recognize a Stroke;  Pre-Ignition Converter;  Fauna (God’s creatures);  Beautiful Alpine Scenery;  Elephant painting self portrait;  Garden scenes (Holland);  Batteries at a discount;  Devil’s Pool (Victoria Falls, Africa); 


March 31,2008 - Gathering of Mustangs (P51’s);  P51 breakup;  F22 Raptor demo;  B777 jet engine;  WWII Accident stats;  Top secret recipes;  Rotating canal locks;  Daily Astronomical photos;  National Parks;  Roses;   


February 29, 2008 – Aviation Events in AZ;  Old Warbirds;  Military Aircraft Slideshow;  Airbus Cockpit;  Brittan Launches Nuclear Sub;  Thousands of Interesting Photos Worldwide;  Dubai Maddness;  Moscow Subway Stations;  Oregon Scenes from Ultralight;  10 best Hubble Photos; 


January 31, 2008 – Jimmie Doolittle’s Raiders;  Lockheed Constellation;  Great Plane Photos;  Air Shows 2002 to 2006;  Inside the International Space Station;  Personal Helicopter;  Cat Fishing;  Unusual Homes;  WW l Human Figures;  A Thousand Islands;  Free Info from Google from any phone;  News in the year you were born;  Play favorite songs from the 1950’s to the 1982 while you use your computer

December 31, 2007 – C-17 Globe Master;  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles;  Pacific Clipper;  Windiest Airports;  Fleet Week in SF;  B-17 Story;  F-35 Joint Strike Fighter;  Modern Logging;  Modern Binary Explosives;  Candy Recipes;  Custom Cars; 


November 30, 2007 – Cockpit views 32 military planes; Parachuting Incidents; P791 Airship; Russian SU-30; Hot Air Balloons; Kodiak 2nd flight; Travel in space; Airbus A-380; Classic planes in flight; Airports within 200 NM of CHD; Versatile carpenter; 7 Yr  old sings national anthem; Cookies hundreds of recipes; HMS Astute Brittan’s latest Sub; Disappearing Car Door.


October 31, 2007 – Newsletter; FA/22 Raptor Demo Flight; SR-71 Breakup at Mach 3.18; Sand Sculptures; Classic Cars; Fantastic Trip through Large and Small;


September 30, 2007 – Sept Red Bull Air Race (San Diego; Free Power Point Viewer; Cessna going low wing?; Boeing B-4 Mail Plane; Sit in cockpit  during carrier landing; RC Model B-29-largest Radio Controlled Model; Paragliding; Person Blimp Update; Largest helicopters and plane in the world; Barnstormers Website (searching for a plane to buy?); Tips on forwarding Email; Lake Peigneur, LA event.


August 31, 2007 – Basis principles of flight; The CT is a Carbon Tech Light Sport Aircraft; 2007; Russian airshow ; Seattle Seafair 2007; Ford Tri-motor; John Travolta Digs; Radio controlled jet.


July 31, 2007  -  Only restored DH4 DeHavilland still flying; The Personal Blimp; 2006 Michigan Airshow highlights; Twenty paragliding videos; Humming Birds; Green’s Travel Tips


June 30, 2007 – F-15’s collide and one lands without a wing;  World’s shortest runway;  Glacier Girl update;  Rotax 912 DVD;  Rising Sea Dragon in Asia;  Neat Clock;  Surfboarding using a Paraglider;  Spectacular Photos mostly Birds.


May 31, 2007 -  Aerobatics (video); Kite aerobatics (video); FA37 mach 4 latest fighter; Landing at Tegucigalpa; Osprey in flight; Paragliding pictorial; Equestrian games; Remove a cork from inside a bottle; Scotch tape figures; Puppeteers.


May 12, 2007 – Aerial photos of the Southwest; First aircraft accident; Hot air balloons (44 slides); Highway conditions in Russia;


April 27, 2007  -- Military planes in action Slides; Russian Aircraft; Glacier Girl (P38);


April 12, 2007 – Paragliding; Flying under the radar: RC model in action; Boeing 787; Abandoned air fields in US; A380; Global Hawk UAV


April 1, 2007 – Neat plane photos; Redneck Bungee Ride; B-767 out of fuel at 41,000’; Boeing's X-48B blended-wing-body.


March 18, 2007 – Shuttle Preparation; A380 Airbus; World Paragliding Competition in Australia; Jetliner landing on freeway; Unbelievable Snowboarding; Satellite photos of Earth (View anywhere on Earth – look at your home)


March 4, 2007 – B-1 Stealth Bomber; A380 Engines; Acrobatic Flying; London to Sydney Air Race in 2001; Green’s Travel Tips; Balloon Art; When Insults had class; Rotary Engine Motorcycle.


February 18, 2007 – Russian SU30 Fighter Jet; 1/5 scale model of Spitfire; X-wind landings (video); Boeing 777 flight deck; De Havilland Dh4 fully restored; 56 best photos from air shows (Video); Hawker Jet strikes Glider in mid-air; USS New York built from 911 scrap metal.


February 4, 2007 – Dan Lance plane accident; TWA-800 Conspiracy Letter; Update on Bob Little who was injured in a plane accident; Too close for comfort; X31 automated landing on carrier; Video of carrier landing with you in the cockpit; Night approach into Aspen, CO; 2006 Reno Air Race; Hubble Telescope Photos


January 21, 2007 – 2007 Meeting Times & Dates; RC virtual reality; X35B Marine STOL Fighter; Large to Small; Earth from Space; Bandwidth Meter Test.


December 17, 2006 – One second in the life of an air racer;  F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightning video;


December 3, 2006 – Col. Ray Schrecengost Memorial Service at Arlington Cemetery; V-22 Osprey; B-52 RC jet model; Interview with Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay;  Mt, Rainier flood;  Rome from a helicopter.


November 19, 2006-  News of interest to members; Supersonic Business Jet; Boeing 747-800 large cargo jet; Next generation spaceship; Mountain trails; Classic Cars; Grand Canyon Skywalk


November 5, 2006 – Navigation into Tibet’s Linzhi Airport; Paragliding Incident; Albuquerque Balloon Festival;  Hundreds of beautiful photos from NASA Sattelite; First President of the US, do you know who it was?


October 22, 2006 – Bio of Member Elton Dyal; Morning Glory Clouds in AU; Chino Airshow Highlights;  Smallest Twin-engine plane in the world; Sand Sculptures;


October 8, 2006 – 100 greatest military photos; Man in space; Three carrier strike group; Hurricane Katrina destruction photos; John Travolta’s digs;


September 24, 2006 – History of Staggerwing; C-17 Globemaster RC Model; Microscopic Art; The Universe Humbles us;


September 10, 2006 – CHD Airport Minutes;  Michael Miller, a touching video;  Helicopter rescue in Afganistan;  Go-Around procedures; 


August 27, 2006 – US by Air Calif to Oshkosh;  Airfield History of the US;  Digitally produced photos;  Bear gets into Bird Feeder


August 13, 2006 – Paragliding and Dust Storms; Commemorative Air Force; Beautiful Bird Photos; 24 Second Rule (Basketball)


July 23, 2006 – Fabulous Photos; Fighter Planes; PHX Class B Airspace;


July 19, 2006  - 263 mile cross country world record Paragliding Flight; Landing in a crosswind; Lithium batteries may explode


June 25,2006  - Stemme S6-T Motorglider; Trip to Babylon ; Inflammatory Cancer ; Ninety Niners June, 2006 Air Race ;Take a Balloon Ride 

June 18, 2006 – First Paragliding flights; Sinking or Carrier Oriskany; Vintage aircraft photos; Boeing B-797; Japanese Precision Goldfish Swimming Team.


June 11, 2006 – 1956 Collision of United & TWA over Grand Canyon; Airbus A-380 Cockpit; Memorial Day Air Show at Jones Beach; Fly with the Blue Angels in an F/A-18.


June 4, 2006 –B-17 and B-52 Fly-By; Exploding Fuel Tanks; Diamond D Jet below $900,000

May 28, 2006 – Airbus A-380 vs Boeing B-797; Jimmy Doolittle Tokyo Raid; Paragliding

May 21, 2006 – Pearl Harbor Bombing; Paragliding; RC Model in aerobatics


May 14, 2006 – Boneyard in Tucson; The power of jet engines; For Horse Lovers;


May 7, 2006 – Paragliding; Coast to Coast in a powered parachute; Bad Flying accidents; Salvaging the USS Cole.


April 30, 2006 – A-380 vs B-797; Luxury flying hotel; 2005 Edwards Airshow; Printable Flash Cards; Unique Volkswagen storage building; The only American Flag that does not fly.


April 23, 2006 – F-22 Raptor (video); AOPA Fact Sheet; Michelin airless tires; Yanks Air Museums, US & Canada.


April 16, 2006 – Thunderstorm avoidance; Easter Bunny; The day God spilled the paint; I believe – beautiful slides; billion is a difficult number to understand.


April 9, 2006 – Safety parachutes; Cats with an attitude; Al Jazerra TV


April 2, 2006 – Great White shark trailing a kayak; special medical conditions may not preclude you from flying.


March 26, 2006 - Alaska Landings Videos; Bob Hover rolling a Shrike Commander; CarterCopter (an unusual PAV); Russian Antonov 225; Pretty Blue Planet video; Paul Allen’s luxury yacht “Octopus”.


March 19, 2006 - Russian Air Museum; NASA Photos; A fun Test; Allergy Drugs, check yours; From the Chandler Tower


March 12, 2006 - Missing Man Photo; 777 Engine fire at take-off; Maneuvering flight quiz; Bridge/tunnel between Sweden and Denmark; USS Oriskany to become reef.


March 5, 2006 -   Lauridsen Aviation Museum, Glendale, AZ; Angel Flight West; AOPA Photo archives; Maricopa Live Steamers; Airplanes waterskiing; U-2ST Dragon Lady; Graf Spee Rising,


February 26, 2006 – F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; Breaking the sound barrier; Jon Melby Aerobatics; USS Ronald Regan photos & stats; the flying SUV


February 19, 2006 – F-22 Raptor; Video view from the cockpit; Story of P-51; 400-way sky dive record; Sand painting; Other interesting photos

February 12, 2006 – Parachuting; Missile Mishap; Fighter Planes; Define Technically Advanced Airplane


February 5, 2006 DC-3 – 70 year history of this venerable plane; Fabulous space slides (26);
Boeing X-wind landings (video); F-16 ingests bird after take-off; Low level maneuvering extracts its toll;
A couple of incredible murals.


January 29, 2006 B-2 Spirit at 2005 Edwards Airshow; Round the World Saga of the Pacific Clipper; Warbirds in Retirement at Tucson; Registered Sex Offenders; The Old Van Nuys Airport.


January 22, 2006 Seaplane & Fishermen; U-2 Dragon Lady; Tracking Satellites; 9-11 Truck.


January 15, 2006 Reef; Other excellent photos; B-777 sets record; Predator at war


January 8, 2006 Pilots Guide to Taxes; Israeli Weapons; Jumbo Jets Landing; 2005 in Review; History of Jeppeson Charts; Moon Shadows.


January 1, 2006 Goose Amphibian Gone Wild; SW Airline Accident at Midway; Extraordinary Aerobatics;  Two pilots invade the D.C. Airspace; Magic (through the glass); Funny Commercials.


December 25, 2005 Midair at Renton Municipal Airport; Fraud afoot. Watch those scams & frauds; Interpreting your engine monitor;


December 18, 2005 Cirrus Accident raises concern for first respondents; Lockheed Martin to build giant airship; How to keep email from becoming Spam; Interesting photos of Gulls;


December 11, 2005 Review past updates; Plastic Pilot’s Certificates Required; Mountain Flying Course On-line; Aircraft Photos (thousands of them); Definition of the G Block (Shepard Smith on Fox News); Cross-wind Landings in a 747 and a 777.


December 4, 2005 278 Photo OOPS; Unknown Soldier Quiz on Guards; Bandwidth Meter Check; Evolution of Math; Tiger Wood’s house which is not his but beautiful house in Maui for rent for about $4,000 per night.


November 27, 2005 Paragliding; Unusual photo of cloud, planes and sun; Excellent Runway finder.


November 20, 2005 F-22 Raptor; Autobus A380; Kodiak Plane; Beware Theft at ATM; 16 current AOPA links.

November 13, 2005  Optical illusion (2 planes); 31 unique accidents; analysis of weapons, equipment, tactics and other info in Iraq as told by a Marine Sergeant.

November 6, 2005  Photos from 29 air-shows from 2002-2005; SU-35 Russian Jet Fighter; Aerobatic Video; Bob’s Travel Tips;

October 23, 2005  Animations-Interview with an Honest Boss and Turkey song and dance; Predator photos; 20 whooping cranes migrating to Florida; log of pilot flight across U.S. in gyroplane; travel info on flying to Caribbean and Mexico.

October 16, 2005 360 Degree view from Mt. Everest; Insurance; Cypriot Airliner Crash; 7 Story Airbus; Model A  Wright Bros Biplane; Wings Program eliminates BFR; limitations on LSA Night or IFR.


October 9, 2005 A foray into IFR turns into a date with icing for this pilot;  Only flyable B-24 in the world;  Bob “Tornado” Earl’s bout with his cat;  Memorial Field update.


October 2, 2005 Current 25 Urban Legends; Tetka, when she gets stuck, drag her free with your mouse.


September 25,2005  Photos of Allison Ranch approaches and departures (Member Harold Thomas)

September 18, 2005 Spectacular clouds and photos; Wheels down? (Seaplane water landing with wheels); Museum of Flight, Seattle – 122 planes with basic specs and history.


September 11, 2005  Unscramble your head – Quiz;  Harrier crash off beach with swimmers


September 4, 2005  Recollections of Chuck Herrin on WW II;  New F-22;  B-747 landing in So. Africa on runway 3400 feet long and 50 feet wide; The Art of Troubleshooting before you get a mechanic.


August 28, 2005 18 photos of Blue Angels; SR-71 breakup at 80,000 feet; Pilot’s gripe sheet.


August 21, 2005  Ethanol, the new fuel;  Memories of member Gunter Peters in Nienburg, Germany in March, 1945;  Test your knowledge about Hypoxia;  Proper Radio phraseology;  Computer flights qualifying for Wings Program.


August 13, 2005 Beyond flying cars;  Check your oil;  Musings of an old CFI

August_6_2005 Only flying mission leaving in a Mustang and returning in a Focke-Wulf;  Beautiful movies of flight;  Experimental Honda Jet;  Reminiscing of an airline pilot.

July 28, 2005 Sign up for a space trip now;  Space elevators?;  Wireless headsets.