Aero Club enjoys presentation by B-26 pilot Phil Tener


Sun Lakes resident Phil Tener described his 65 missions in a twin-engine B-26 light bomber during World War II to an enthusiastic crowd at a meeting of the Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) October 18.

”Most of my missions before D-Day were designed to attack bridges and German ammunition dumps,” he said.  “After the invasion, we concentrated on disrupting the enemy’s retreat through France and back to Germany by bombing and strafing troops and supplies.  I was extremely lucky that I was never shot down by enemy fire, but I did lose an engine on two occasions, including once after taking off with a full bomb load.  Fortunately, there was an airstrip nearby and we were able to make a successful landing.” 


Phil Tener  (left) is pictured with SLAC president Bob Walch

Photo by Gary Vacin