Aero Club members visit Goldwater Gunnery Range 14















Seventeen Sun Lakes Aero Club (SLAC) members and guests had a rare opportunity to view A-10 Thunderbolt ll aircraft in action during a field trip/fly-in to the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range February 15.


Two members flew aircraft to Gila Bend, where they met up with other members and drove the remaining 35 miles to the range. The facility is a military restricted area and can be accessed only by permission from Luke AFB.


The visitors climbed an observation tower for a close-up view of A-10s from Davis-Monthan AFB flying training missions bombing and strafing ground targets at close range. The facility serves the Air Force and Marine Corps as an armament and high-hazard testing area; a training area for aerial gunnery, rocketry, electronic warfare, and tactical maneuvering and air support; and a place to develop equipment and tactics.


The public was invited to attend and the event was so successful that SLAC plans another trip to the gunnery range next year, according to Earl Cuyler, SLAC activities director.


Other SLAC activities this spring include a fly-in to visit the Embry-Riddle flight school at Prescott April 6 and a field trip/fly-in to Eloy Airport to view skydiving activities May 21. The public is invited to attend all SLAC events.


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